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    Modding GPU coolers into CPU coolers

    I also did "a Shaman on a Thin ITX" thing some years ago to fit in ISK-100 and BQ656. Back then I had thought of one half of Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 (basically Accelero Mono Plus), Scythe Setsugen 2, GeForce GTX480 and GTX580 stock heatsinks...
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    Power Supply Kolink SFX-350

    I've always understood Kolink as a Taiwanese heatsink company responsible for OEM manufacturing of Noctua products, but I don't know if these SFX units are by the same company or by a different company with the same name. Noctua's U9 tower cooler for instance was originally sold by Kolink...
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    The Photography/Camera thread

    Are these two JPEG photos already compressed by your camera, compressed on your PC from RAW, or recompressed from JPEG? I see fairly strong mosquito noise (not haloes/ringing) in both photos.
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    Motherboard GIGABYTE MDQ17BI

    While WadeAK78's post prompted me to check out the Gigabyte's site to see if there are any other interesting offerings, I found this Q170 Mini-ITX board in their B2B section: It's powered by either an external AC adapter or via a...
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    The Learning Japanese thread

    I imagine katakana would be easier to learn than hiragana due to the random curved strokes hiraganas are made of? Kanji...well...blame the ancient Chinese for making so many characters and blame also the ancient Japanese for adopting so many of them. ;)
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    Memory Those dirty liars!

    Oh cool, that innodisk SO-DIMM DDR3 is exactly 1" tall, that's pretty low profile for an SO-DIMM isn't it.
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    Memory Those dirty liars!

    I guess these stickers at least protect the chips from a slipped screwdriver accidentally scratching some extent? Off topic but I wonder if any RAM manufacturers have made or will make any low-profile SO-DIMM modules. This is doable if LP and VLP are possible for regular DIMM modules...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    I inquired CNCAXE regarding that mATX case back in March 22, 2015 via a proxy agent while I ordered a low profile heatsink from another taobao seller with the help of the same agent, and the agent got back to me saying that CNCAXE stopped making that case. Also, In-Win Diva is a pretty old...
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    Show your new toys Topic

    I didn't know they sell a Shinwa ruler over there.
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    [SFF Network] ASRock announces the H110M-STX motherboard

    Here are a few tweets from an Akiba shop on the CPU cooler compatibility for the ASRock H110M-STX ASRock inside the DeskMini 110: They say both Silverstone NT08-115X and Noctua NH-L9i have no clearance issue with on-board components (barely clear off the silver heatsink on the right side of...
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    The Learning Japanese thread

    As I don't watch anime I'm not familiar with the obsession you're talking about, but if it really stemmed from WWII then wouldn't there be obsession with Italy as well? I can't speak for all the Japanese people but maybe a lot of us here have traditionally associated Germany with hi-tech and...
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    The Learning Japanese thread

    Actually I think the loan words are where the legacy of the Rangaku that Aiboh mentioned can be seen visibly, as I read that words such as pinto (=focus) and supoito (=dropper) that we commonly use in Japanese came from Dutch.
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    The Learning Japanese thread

    This of course is true during the Edo era, but this: I highly doubt. Any up-to-date Dutch > Japanese studying materials or abundance/scarcity of such things available today probably have no correlation with that part of history. My understanding is that the difference between colloquial and...
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    Feedback What do you want in a GPU review?

    Are you getting a 1060 with a blower-fan-equipped cooler such as the F.E. or with an axial-fan--equipped open-air cooler? I suppose you're getting the latter type as that's what would make you concerned about the open bench vs the closed bench choice more than the former type.
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    The Learning Japanese thread

    I wish I could help you guys in some way but I never learned how to teach Japanese. I'm pretty sure non-natives who learned to become fluent in Japanese know how to explain the subtle difference in meaning and in usage between GA and WA (HA) better than we natives who just know when to use which.