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    Stalled S700: Salvo Studios <23L ATX Steel Watercooled Unibody Chassis

    I'd love to see them! Every other pic on this thread isn't loading for me for some reason. lol
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    Prototyping The world most flexible SFF case? LOUQE Ghost S1

    I was able to buy it from amazon without a wait. I believe the Zaber was crowd funded? That would explain the wait.
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    Buying Vega 56 Nano

    I know that you can find full sized cards that use the Nano PCB. Not sure what options you'd have for cooling, but I didn't know if you might find something.
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    You can always ask the manufacturer for a custom bios that enables it. As long as the board has the ability I've had good luck with it from Asrock.
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    Injecting SLI into ITX motherboards with PCIe Bifurcation

    This is quite interesting. Have you made any videos?
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    Production Pump&reservoir intergrated full-cover waterblock for Asus Z270i/Z370i Strix

    Tis a pipe dream my friend. Last I checked he hasn't been on line in ages... :(
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    Group Buy/Crowdfunded Modded BIOS for the Asrock A300m (Deskmini A300)

    has anyone tried over at
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    3D Printed All-AMD 10,8L

    Interesting! I've always been curious about how 3d printed cases like this do when the system gets hot.
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    Selling [USA-UT] Hardware clear out

    Silverstone Sx600 still available?
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    Ghost S1 custom water build

    What kind of pump is that? Looks like a DC-LT but I haven't seen that before. I'm doing my own build as well and it would help me power my loop. Edit: My dumb ass didn't see you added that. Substitute question, How's the noise?
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    Dual 120, layered?

    I've done lots and lots of searching on this subject when I was discussing alternate layouts and features for the S700 case with Salvo. Basically, you have to break this down into simple thermodynamics. If you're cooling something, you're stuck at a cooling rate determined by effectiveness of...
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    Prototyping The world most flexible SFF case? LOUQE Ghost S1

    I just picked up a Ghost S1 Pangea and wanted to pick up some stuff. Namely a large tophat and a non-vented glass side panel like the ones outlined here in #5. Has there been any update on the side panels or when the Pangea tophats will be back in stock?
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    RGB SODIMM (16GB Module) Do they exist?

    Any updates on this? My friends Adata contact says they're still in development because of the spacing between dimms. They did show them off in 2018 at ces though...
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    Going to tokyo in two weeks, any cool PC hardware places to visit?

    Akihabara seems to be the only place I've heard of internationally from Japan.