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    Prototype SC3-STX: 3.5L - Internal PSU - 1080ti Mini support

    It never hit me to take advantage of M.2 to Sata adapters for more storage in SFF cases, good find! Is there a particular adapter that you'd be standardizing on for mounting? The space looks very cramped by the power button area, and wiring for all of the power and button and drives might be a...
  2. SumGhai

    Stalled Z-CASE P50 v1.1: Innovative console-style SFF PC case

    Could you re-edit the OP? At the top it says "Paypal is *not* accepted" instead of "Paypal is *now* accepted"
  3. SumGhai

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    I don't see why this would not work if you made and 3d printed your own enclosure that would mount to the existing 80mm mounting holes.
  4. SumGhai

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Yeah something like that riser you linked. I have zero experience with powered risers, so I can't recommend any specific brand/type. I only know that others have used them successfully before. The STX 160 project used a riser that had a 4-pin connector so have a look at those compared to the...
  5. SumGhai

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    You might be able to use a powered riser cable. There are some threads on them on the forum from a while back.
  6. SumGhai

    Redux - Custom designed 12.5 Litre tower case by Velkase

    I've only just seen this project and I'm happy that you're pursuing your dream case. Drilling/laser cutting the many holes obviously seems terribly inefficient. If a turret press or other punching machine isn't available, why not try making large panel cutouts and filling the empty space with...
  7. SumGhai

    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    I just wanted to share this. Linus livestreamed building in the Zaber Sentry 2.0. I personally haven't seen the stream yet, I just got notified for it.
  8. SumGhai

    Sheet Metal Prototypes and Production [no longer available]

    While the title and OP feature fully custom cases, would you be willing to do custom parts as well? Like, custom brackets or panels?
  9. SumGhai

    Concept Lazer3D ST8 - Adaptable Volume Slim Tower Case

    I look forward to future progress! I absolutely love showpiece cases for SFF. And yes, hiding the expensive wood would be such a waste!
  10. SumGhai

    Case design and expensive PC parts

    I disagree that getting components is more expensive than getting a case designed. If you're just checking for physical dimensions, you don't need to spend much to get what you need. A super cheapo last-gen mobo can be had for less than $50, plus an intel box cooler just for fitment testing. As...
  11. SumGhai

    Concept Lazer3D ST8 - Adaptable Volume Slim Tower Case

    I've only stumbled upon this, and I'm almost convinced to drop designing my own case and go for this! Have there been any updates on the design? If I might ask, how much of an air gap would be available in the horizontal position? It looks like a majority of the vents are pointed downwards...
  12. SumGhai

    Feedback on my Node 202 workstation/light gaming build

    As the proud owner of a Node 202 myself, I highly recommend against getting it. The thermal problems are absolutely true, and I can feel my 1070 pumping out hot air all over the interior of the case. The case is also a real pain to work with and work around, especially if you have a card that is...
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    Imgur issues...

    Works fine on Firefox, but breaks on Chrome. Haven't tried Opera yet, I haven't reinstalled it since switching computers.
  14. SumGhai

    Noctua Graphene Coated L9a & L9i Cooler

    Josh made a video about a graphene coated Nh-L9i a little while back and ran some tests. Video is linked below.
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    Last I heard, and this was a while ago, HDplex will be including the polarized C8 connectors with the 400W AC-DC units