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    GPU space in a Lian Li Q21b

    I have this case and really unimpressed with it, not easy to keep cable runs tidy, not many drive mounting options, thick cable for front panel USB ports make mounting motherboard awkward, regret buying it really but Lian Li brand convinced me it would be well thought out. Not the case it...
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    Much higher than expected temps! NH-L9i

    Not sure what you mean by unexpected? a CPU rated at 91w-TDP with a cooler that is only really happy at 65w-TDP. Then build into a tight case like the 202, with no real room for substantial secondary case fan cooling I know what I would expect: To have to go shopping for a CPU cooler that is up...
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    I could always have a look at your offer as well , so DM is fine, thanks.
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    Good points, thank you both. I have been building and using low/mid powered ITX units for a good few years now and until recently I could manage quite well with Pico or even Pico clones, some of which are very good. Before this I built ATX, as most folk did I suspect, and after the initial...
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    Catching isn`t it?
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    Actually after reading further reviews I do not have any desire for this unit whatsoever, It is the usual SFX noisy product that may be fine if your machine is in another localization, or if you choose to use your PC as a games box with lots of sound effects, but neither of the above apply to...
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    Gury seems to have more on his plate than usual.......I have had 2 units from him previously and although not speedy, this time it really seems to be dragging. That being the case, and me being quite eager to try out a new setup, I am considering SFX again: I did buy one before, but never fitted...
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    Blub..... What on earth are you whittering about?.........It is not a custom cable set, it is standard set plus a molex. ...Gury has made me 2 different units, one a 120watt basic unit and the 2nd an Archdaemon limited edition, 300 watt , standard cable set plus one molex because I had a couple...
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    I am fully aware of my set up I specified it... 2x sata and 1 x Molex.All I m asking is if the molex line is good for 75 watts. I know the Sata current is much lower and would not even consider using such.........I tried to be clear, but you managed to read things into it that were not there...
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    Anyone know if Archdaemon 300watt molex cable can supply 75watt? I intend to splice it to a 6 pin Pcie connector, the GPU is quite frugal and is rated 75W ( a 960 Geforce GTX 2 GB, EVGA) and I will not be doing any gaming or heavy rendering etc.
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    The Photography/Camera thread

    I use Sony A6000, apart from E mount lenses I use pentax adaptors to use old an good prime lenses ( cheap) and C mount for CCTV lns ( great effects) keeps it cheap, flexible and fun
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    Can a pisco psu 160w power up 3 hdd?

    3 hdd is like saying 3 houses, 3 cars etc........ variety can be huge. You need to be more specific.
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    Post Your Rig/ Setup

    I have used standoffs before to raise the lid when extra cooling was needed, but currently has an ASRock H97M-ITC-ac board with Pentium G3258, 2 x 4GB Hyper-X and a 250GB Samsung 850, with Pico PSU. The CPU cooler is a hybrid I lashed up that works very well ( and silently) so fine without...
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    Motherboard ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Beta BIOS up. 4.51D with the new AGESA for those on ASR AB350 ITX. probably X370 soon as well