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    Power Supply Delta DPS-400AB-20A Crackling Noise

    Dug out the headphones, very strange. I wouldn't expect any voltages high enough to actually arc a significant distance. But ceramic caps in a switching circuit can exhibit piezo like vibration, look for those (disc caps especially) pressed up against another component maybe probe around with...
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    Power Supply Delta DPS-400AB-20A Crackling Noise

    Hard to hear in vid(ambient noise here), but if the fan is PWM controlled some of the wort offenders make a clicking or buzzing noise(and not always RPM related). If you can disconnect the fan easily maybe try that to see if it goes away.
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    Power Button - Crosshair VIII Impact AM4 AMD X570

    Normally you;'d connect the NO and C terminals to the motherboard header PWRBTN pins on page 1-24 of your motherboard manual. The polarity on that one won't matter but on the pins marked PLED you will have to follow the polarity marked +/- on your switch. If you reverse them it just won't light...
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    Cooling ID Cooling IS-30

    Just got an email from ID-Cooling
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    SFF Brand Name Ideas?

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    Linux vs. Windows

    Goto and download for both platforms. You can add MS Ops to your hosts file. A great way to block anything without software, it redirects the list IPs to your local address
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    Anyone else dealing with decision paralysis?

    Figure out the least amount of computer you really need and get small.
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    New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    Finally got a chance to try this setup out on my i3770K system using an old 250W HDplex DCDC, this unit still showed 15.V in off state, but at the same time I hit the power button, the inline meter showed DC dropped to under 9V, PC shutdown and supply came back up to 15.3V. Still waiting on...
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    Other build a system in skyreach 4 mini case but it keeps shutting off as soon as I start a game

    Ch3ck this thread
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    Seeking a wood or wood accented (with white+aluminum) case

    Yeah he didn't go to production but IIRC he made some for others. NFC had wood front for some models might have been the classic maybe worth looking used ones
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    Seeking a wood or wood accented (with white+aluminum) case

    Check this thread, he's made other facades as well
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    Aby idea takers???

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    General Chat Thread

    I don't see what's so hard to understand, these concepts are common place, soft = no shooting, hard = shooting and yes our military was involved. The former admininistrsation(and the DNC/Hillary campaign) coordinated the NSC(Clapper), CIA(Brennan), FBI,(Comey), DOJ(Rosenstein) and DoD (thru back...
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    General Chat Thread

    Y I hear ya, in my country we had a political party and administrative state composed mostly of pedophiles attempt a soft coup on our President even before being sworn in, twice setting up false charges based on what they(the opposing party) were actually doing with the help of foreign governments.
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    Other HP ProDesk Mini 1.2L

    Amazing amount of cramming in these things, most surprised at it being remarkably quiet.