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    Cooling Arctic P12 Slim PWM PST officially released and available for purchase

    I don't think the max RPM really matters because you're buying fans for airflow, static pressure, price, availability, quality, thickness, etc. but not RPM?
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    Advice TR-40/XL-ATX Airplane Carry-on Build.

    You can actually put a 280mm radiator on the front and it is officially supported, and maybe even a 280mm radiator on the bottom if you're willing to risk it. You can get a 240mm for the bottom to play it safe, though. So, the radiator area will add up to 520mm instead of 480mm. Also, he will...
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    Advice TR-40/XL-ATX Airplane Carry-on Build.

    Official specs for dual radiator configs in the Cerberus X:
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    News PNY Launches ITX RTX 3060 With Longest Name Ever

    Step 1: Type randomly on the keyboard YPN FoGreec XRT 0630 2B1G R8XL mniGga LVEER CI-XPE GBR gneliS nFa iinodE Step 2: Rearrange it PNY GeForce RTX 3060 12GB XLR8 Gaming REVEL EPIC-X RGB Single Fan Edition And now you have a new GPU name!
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    Advice TR-40/XL-ATX Airplane Carry-on Build.

    Well, it actually can fit 2x280mm radiators already.
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    Production ZS Cases - A4 V3.1 8.4L - Big changes in our February Improvements & Updates

    Wait... Does this mean that with the 36mm top hat, you can fit a 240mm AIO with 25mm fans under 10L?
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    What ATX Cases Tempt You?

    I agree with this, and I also like the Cerberus X since it's one of the smallest full ATX cases out there. The Mechanic Master C34 gives the Cerberus X a run for its money, though. Size apart, I would like a case that has high airflow, great ventilation, and great hardware support. The Phanteks...
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    Log Riba's 14L N-ATX water-cooled build - 3700x + Vega64

    The fact that you can fit a 360mm rad+fans, a 400mm long GPU, a reservoir/pump, and an ATX PSU is great. You can even fit a threadripper with a 280mm radiator in there! The flexibility and compatibility in this case is insane!
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    Enclosure Looking for white itx case with window

    The Dan C4-SFX should work, although it is not available for purchase yet, the expected release date is around Q3-Q4 2020. It is very small at only 11.97L and it is only 329mm long. A 30mm thick 280mm radiator should fit on the bottom with slim fans...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    You can go to the case fans page and sort it by newest first. The P12 Slim PWM PST should be a few fans below. There is also an A-RGB regular P12 now, the first Arctic RGB fan. Links below: Product page: Amazon single-fan link: Amazon...
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    Cooling Arctic P12 Slim PWM PST officially released and available for purchase

    120mm Slim Fans Table Technical Data ID-Cooling NO-12015-XT Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 12 Scythe Kaze Flex Slim Silverstone FN123 Slim Scythe Slip Stream Slim 12mm (1600 RPM) Scythe Slip Stream Slim 12mm (2000 RPM) Alphacool SL-15 Cooler Master Xtraflo Slim Rosewill RASF-141213 Noctua...
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    Discussion SFF-Tec

    Yes it is true
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    Things I Wish Manufacturers Would Stop Doing

    And the "RGB" advertising all over the place. "Hey look! You should only buy RGB stuff! You shouldn't care about anything else!" More and more people are putting aesthetics over performance because of these advertisements, even though RGB ram costs quite a bit more.
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    Introduction - There's no perfect case on the market.

    I mean, what kind of compatibility/layout/material goals are you aiming for? I would like to know the compatibility and layout goals too. Also, you might want to start a thread in the "Concepts" forum category so others can follow along with your project and give you tips and ideas.