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    Prototype Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    Alphacool Eisblock XPX 1U This should help with those tight spaces. Also, having enough room for a fan on each rad is good to hear.
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    Prototype Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    The dual 240 rad support.... that's a wild idea! On the horizontal rad, will there be room for 2 standard fans underneath it? For the overlap, I can envision a single fan pulling air through one and pushing it through the other.
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    Cooling CPU block/pump combo

    Nothing wrong with the Solo as long as you only use 1 rad. I have been following both threads. My height restriction is ~50 mm; I'd love to use one of them as long as it fits.
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    Cooling CPU block/pump combo

    This looks great! It looks to only be compatible with pumps that need a Molex power connector. "compatible with EK 18W 3.2DDC and Q2 DDC pumps" The EK pump is quite spendy compared to the Q2 pump. I had to do a lot of digging to find that; the Q2 seems to be more common in china. I know there...
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    Motherboard downsizing again - ASUS Strix B450-i or the MSI b450i

    Your biggest question is CPU. Do you plan to keep this build long term? Do you foresee the need for the 3950X at some point in the future? It will likely be the best CPU that will work on the B450 board and the MSI will be able to handle that better than the ASUS. By the looks of things, you...
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    Prototype CPU waterblock-pump mount combo (115x/AM4 compatible)

    Great work! I'm interested in which pump gives us the lowest clearance. Will any combo get a person close to the 50mm mark in height?
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    New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    This is a neat product. Can you use the cooler with a custom full water block? If you can get the GPU to a single slot + this cooler, then you could use this in something like the M case N1
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    Prototype Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    If it isn't cost prohibitive, then a removable top would provide more options for people who want that. If it adds $20 to the cost of the case, then I would stick with the solid top. It's very eye-catching and is a good look that differentiates your case. TBH, I think your design is far better...
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    Prototype Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    I've been following this and had a thought: with all this new ventilation, the case might perform better with an all negative pressure set up (assuming a non-blower GPU). Another interesting option: an ITX sized gpu like this in a custom loop with a thick rad. At present, you'd be limited to a...
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    Advice on thermals in Custom Mod FX 4.7L - case/GPU run hot

    Try removing your IO shield. You have 100% intake, but no active exhaust.... people have found that removing the IO shield eliminates a heat trap and reduces temps. For your GPU, I would use MSI afterburner and set a custom fan curve. The nano targets 75 C and will do everything it can to keep...
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    NZXT H1 is new SFF case that includes 650w SFX and 140mm AIO I found this and think it is by far what the stock config should have been.
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    @Lone, sorry to derail the thread for a moment, but I also chose a different case for better gpu options. I love the looks of your case; it just didn't fit my needs. @theGryphon, I just finished a build in December, but I'm already on the hunt for the next one. I'm of a similar opinion on case...
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    Prototype DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    The Gigabyte X570 ITX will work with the Black Ridge if you are willing to remove the heatsink/fan on the chipset. With a slim 120mm noctua, it will get plenty of air. Now, if you want an alternative that cools almost as good, look at the AXP 90. The full copper (non coated) will likely be the...
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    Concept Flex-ITX motherboard form factor concept

    Gamers Nexus is asking for manufacturing questions as they go to Tawain. I posted a question referring to this thread/idea. Go and upvote, lets shine a light on this idea and see where it can go. eidt: the video is their current QnA. I don't know how to link a specific comment...
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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Palit does a 1660 Super single fan GPU. The 1660 Ti is such a minor step above the Super that I would always look at the Super first. If the price difference is <$20, then get the Ti still. I would only get a 2060 if you can grab one at (or very close to) $300 US. If you are willing to look at...