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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    I have a similar case that only supports ~180mm GPU. If I get creative with my PSU, I can fit a larger GPU.... but haven't wanted to go there. I won't need an upgrade 'till next gen, but the current trends aren't good. PNY, Palit, Gainward, and MSI all have 3060 models that are true to the ITX...
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    ASUS announced another itx sized 3060. It's 177mm long, but has one issue: 2.5 slot card, 51mm thick with backplate.
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    Log Double Fan Dan Case

    That varies a lot, depending on motherboard and the positioning of the 120mm fan. The 120 can be use for better performance under the right conditions. I don't have experience using the 120 adapter, so I wish you luck.
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    Log Double Fan Dan Case

    You are better off with a fan duct on the 92 mil or an adapter for the 120. Combined, you get turbulence and fan hubs that block potential airflow.
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    Hey all, student building a sff workstation.

    Welcome! Nice build. What do you plan to use for power and how will you cool the CPU? You have some good options now.
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    Log Not a real SFF but it smaller than usual :P

    Welcome! What's the name of the case/specs? We all started somewhere.
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    Discussion Keyboard mouse recommendation for Skyreach 4 mini

    For keyboards, take a look at these 65% options. I know for some (like myself), the arrow keys come in handy, as do the Home/Page Up/Page Down. Otherwise, a 60% like the Anne Pro 2 mentioned above is good.
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    CPU Reviews regarding the Hj 240MM

    I don't have this part, but I have seen 2 major complaints: 1. QC is bad and they leak. You need to leak test this rad before installing it into any system. 2. The water channels are rounded, not squared/flattened. As a result, it's performance isn't as good as one would expect for a cooper...
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    Cooling MSI Mag Infinite S CPU cooling adequate ?

    The design appears unchanged. Here is a review (in French) of the 9th gen. There is no active intake or exhaust, no source of fresh air for the blower-style CPU cooler, and only a single SODIMM included. This is going to be a noisy hot-box... and the non-traditional form factor makes is...
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    GPU AMD 6700 XT 12GB ASIC B 189W - ITX model inbound?

    The only viable option at present is this 3060ti from MSI. They have advertised it, so it will eventually get produced.... but for me, it isn't a big enough of a jump to warrant an upgrade (if you could even get one). edit: on topic, no. I don't see any variant of the 6700xt to be ITX. We might...
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    Discussion First SFF build, not sure what cooler to get. Any ideas?

    The LPX are great sticks for SFF and will work with the L12S with no problems. If you really like the Big Shurken, use it. It performs within 1-2 degrees of the Noctua, but it runs louder. Thermalright does have some good options. For your case, the AXP-100 is good, but it's expensive and the...
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    Discussion First SFF build, not sure what cooler to get. Any ideas?

    Do you have Ram already? If so, check the height. The L12S will perform the best, but limits the ram height. The Shuriken 3 is not quite as good, but can be positioned for unlimited ram height (with certain motherboards). It also looks great IMO. The Blackridge is for cases with less...
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    Hello builders!

    Welcome! If you are looking for a maximum-compatibility console style, the Sliger CL530 Conswole is a great option. If you want maximum portability and minimum space, then the Skyreach S4 Mini is great. You'll find many options between these 2 as you browse the forums. Have fun!
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    CPU New 38mm cooler Now that you clicked on this thread, lets share a laugh at the cooler linked above. I'll even save you a click: It does have a copper base with 3 heatpipes.... that has to amount to something, right? Also, I've never even heard...
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    Log Mega n00b build Q's - SM550 (Asus B550-I, 5600x, 3070 FE)

    Your CPU cooler is overkill for a 5600X, but as they say.... overkill is underrated. You'll be able to boost very nicely with that. The Arctic P12 is a great fan; they make slim fans too now that perform just as good. Keep them as exhaust, like you said, and it'll be fine. Dust is down to...