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May 21, 2018
Here is an update to my battle station. The original build dates back to 2020, but I collected parts all through 2019.

Part List:

CPU: 3600x -> 5800x3D I'll stretch 4 years or more out of this CPU.

Cooler: Blackridge with ARCTIC MX-6, added backplate, and 120mm Noctua as exhaust (necessary to keep the PSU from screaming at me)

Gigabyte X570I: no need to replace it

RAM: VLP ADATA 16GB at 2666 -> VLP Innodisk 32GB at 3200. I had the purple ADATA sticks OC'd to 3444, but I was running out of ram under heavy workloads.

GPU: Galax 2070 White mini -> (new GPU?) I'll likely grab a Zotac 4070 Twin on Black Friday

PSU: I got it off Aliexpress following community recommendations. Shout out to @REVOCCASES. I also swapped the fan for a 20mm Noctua.

PCIE 4.0 dual reverse cable. I could have routed it under the top bar, but it was putting a bit too much pressure on the PCIE slot.

Luna Prime: you can't get this case anymore as they are out of Russia. I contacted them when they updated their cases and paid for the new spine that allows FLEX PSU's to be installed. The downside is that I have a front USB slot that is now empty. The tolerances are so tight, the screw head to mount the cable was too much.

Keyboard: custom ortho-linear 75%. I enjoy typing on it and completed a master's degree using it. It's still jarring to move back to a regular layout.

Mouse: Fantech Aria XD7. I loved the Razer Orochi V2, but it went kaput just past the warranty. This mouse is close to the Razer but has much better features and quality.

Mic: Hyper X Solocast. It works very well for my needs and has a great price.

Camera: sh*t that I got from work. I haven't felt motivated to replace it, but that's mostly out of spite. It's such garbage.

Headset: Corsair HS60, an affordable headset that works well and has a removable mic. I have it hanging under my desk, but the plush band is starting to show wear. Rather than replace a perfectly functioning headset, I'll look at getting a wrap and keeping it around.

Speakers: JBL 104 Studio Monitors. I had a 2.1 system from Logitech for years until the left speaker started crackling. I then tried the Razer Nommo 2.0, and they sounded awful. The mid's were just a muddy smear of sound. I returned them and got the JBL 104s; they have been great. I do miss the bass, but life is better when the wife is happy.

Monitor: LG 34GN850-B 34.0" It's an IPS ultrawide with 160Hz v-sync. It was the single most expensive component, but I think a good monitor is worth the investment. I added an RGB strip behind the monitor and under the shelf to give backlight to the desk.

Desk: built out of cedar planks, concrete ties, and 3/4 in. galvanized pipe. My wife liked it so much that I built her one just like it for the office.