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    J-Hack Pure build

    lol. Thanks man!
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    J-Hack Pure build

    Ryzen 2400g underclocked and undervolted, runs under 55 degrees while gaming. Overclocker ram to 2900mhz stable. Super quiet. Super happy.
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Here, have a look at the post i just put up for your curiosity. album here:
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    J-Hack Pure feat. Wraith Stealth !

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Hope this post helps some of you who wonder if you can fit the Wraith Stealth into the J-Hack Pure. Enjoy Link here:
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    Concept Simple STX Case

    This is awesome. Really dig the L shape design. The case looks very high end, or potential to look like that. Think it would be cool to have it sit vertically with some modern / contemp angle kick stands or feet made of chrome or polished brass. Kinda like the sentry or Antec 110 except angled...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Im totally thinking along the same lines. This case is perfect in almost every way and even from the market perspective, it's the only full on case that looks and functions so well with apus and such. I would build on the current version really does have alot going for it. A special...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    I completely agree with this comment. Pure has something going for it, and some small improvements to build on it would be great. I don't see the flex atx motherboard option being something that would appeal to most people? Or i could be wrong. Are these small portable Nas units a thing now? *...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    * The only complaint i have about the V1 is that the front panel and rear I/O panel doesn't have enough support and the panels will tend to collapse inward, or the rear I/O sometime would pop out slightly. If there were tabs with screw on each end or just a tab to stop it at a certain location...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Thinking for V2, you should make some vertical stands. I have some ideas, but honestly I think your case is very underated. It looks so good compared to whats out there. Has this timeless look to it. And there is lots of potential. I was looking at designing some metal vertical legs but have...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    I can fit the wraith stealth in my Pure. Perfect fit too. There are some plastic tabs you need to cut off at the bottom where it mounts to the cooler. Very easy. Keep the shroud and all on top and it fits. Keeps my 2400g very nice and cool. Also there's no turbulance sound coming from the case...
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    Closed [Selling] Skyreach mini 4 chassis, 400w HD Plex, and 330w Dell power brick

    @xcskidude How much for the HDplex 400 and power brick?
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    Concept Case panel kits for Makerbeam style cases?

    This is just awesome. It's simple and there's so much you can do with this concept. I think adding more modularity to the panels also gives the end user choices for size and dimensions of builds too. Kind of like lego?
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    Selling KMPKT'S August 2018 For Sale Thread

    @Kmpkt Wondering if your still active on this post or will you be posting a nee sale thread soon? Interested in the Mini Box PICOPsu 160W XT (Brand New). Let me know. Thx!