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    Enclosure Skyreach 4 MINI Vertical Case Stand

    I'm also thinking about making feet for mine, but I think I'll give it a tilt, by making the front legs taller than the rear. making sure any beer or other liquid will exit post haste...
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    Under-Desk-Mount for Skyreach 4 Mini

    I would round off the corners, where your knee might make contact with your deskmount... Because that's going to happen sooner or later.
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    Enclosure Can't seem to get any cases that Lian Li makes. Vendors in Europe, who usually carry Dan A4 don't even list expected arrival dates anymore

    Even Lian Li's own cases, like the TU 150 (with the entire case actually made from steel and only front, top and right side panels are actually aluminum) have no excpected delivery dates. Is Lian Li having manufacturing issues after the ominous 'restructuring'...?.
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    Cooling Thicker fan on Noctua nh-l9i

    Since Narwhal seemed to indicate, that the 92mm is a Silwent Wing 2 model, I'd surmise its not quieter. Granted, I only compared the 120 and 140 mm models, but the only Be Quiet fans I wanted to keep were Silent Wing 3 models. Those, I felt were slightly more silent than their Noctua...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    Haha, having a bunch of out-of-control boozers and drug addicts who take a gun into a bowling alley tell me that something is "just" my opinion is hilarious! Besides, what do you think everything is that people say on internet forums other than their opinion? Would you prefer I send you an...
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    If it won't fit with a Zotac GTX 1080TI mini, I don't see how its worth building it at all... The overall cost of this system makes it a very inefficient use of money and time, so it should at least be awesome. External Power Brick or Not. THE HDPLEX PSU will probably make a better power...
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    CPU Question about CPU TDP and long term power usage considerations.

    Just think what you could do with all those quarters provided you own a slingshot... Invaluable!
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    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    According to PCPartPicker's Wattage calculation, I can run the following at 384 Watt: ASRock Z370 FATAL1TY INTEL i7-8600 (65W TDP) 32 GB DDR4 RAM @3200 ZOTAC GTX 1080 TI mini SANDISK EXTREME 1TB M.2 SDD TEAC BLU-RAY BURNER (Obviously no overclocking :p ) Now, just for kicks, I tried adding...
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    Motherboard ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty - no POST, no diagnostics?

    This is my first mainboard from ASRock. I'm usually an ASUS mainboard customer ever since Micron stopped selling their boards - which is a LOOOONG time ago. I've used Gigabyte occasionally, but mostly ASUS. Their support isn't the best, but you don't usually need it. Its LEDs tell you what's...
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    Any solutions to the vertical ODD slot in the M1...?

    Oh ouch... So I'll be relegated to buying used M1 cases, since ODD is mandatory for anything I build for myself... The only EMP/EMF proof backup for my work is still optical media. Picture coming up...
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    Any solutions to the vertical ODD slot in the M1...?

    I guess I could go to a machine shop here, with just the top panel and ask them to make the slot a little wider, but keep the pristine looks. Or else, I could do it with a thin hand file - it'll take a long time, but with hand files, I know how to avoid kinks, uneven corners etc. While I'm at...
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    Any solutions to the vertical ODD slot in the M1...?

    Great, thanks for answer and questions, Necere! 1) I double checked - yes, the ODD front is 13.7mm thick Its a Sony but I can't read off the model name/number, without disassembling the front and removing the PSU. 2) The version of the case... I built it in the Year the i7-7600 was released...
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    Any solutions to the vertical ODD slot in the M1...?

    Let me first say how much I love my NCase M1. Yes, you can get smaller with Dan's A4 case, which is a wonderful invention. But the M1 is the smallest you can go without - in my opinion - either compromising cooling and or noise levels, or being forced to use a very short GPU card, to install...
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    Power Supply Silverstone Discussion (Split from NJ450-SXL Thread)

    Being small or even having only one product doesn't equal "niche" - that one product could serve a chunk of the market of any size. An M1 can be configured to pretty much any system a home or office user would want - including full workstation performance. But fine, let it be just those two -...
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    Power Supply Silverstone Discussion (Split from NJ450-SXL Thread)

    Hi Silverstone :) My opinion could be partially outdated, as the last time I checked your portfolio, I saw no $600 product! Maybe you have already done what I have always wished you would do ^^. As for your PSU - two points: First was the issue with the silent mode switch, which was really...