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    Custom ITX RTX2080 Build

    Try re uploading your images, they're not showing up.
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    Prototype Full compatible GPU in ITX case of 5.1 L -- AUXOS INVEKTOR-ONE --

    Love the look of it, I was designing a case with a very similar layout for my personal use and it doesn’t look nearly as clean as your. Great job!
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    You turned me off from buying a NightFox XD. I'm probably going to end up buying the Kira instead, the numpad is pretty essential to my work.
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    Cerberus X Win10 / Mojave Workstation, "Better late than never"

    Pretty nice stuff, how loud is the SF750? What’s kept me away from SFX is the noise the older units would make.
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    Any reason in particular? I was thinking of picking one up.
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    SFF.Network CES 2019: AMD

    Anyone measure the Radeon VII? Can’t seem to find any info on that card. Nice coverage of CES, keep it coming!
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    What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

    I'm particularly excited to see whats new for laptops. I don't spend a lot of time at home so laptops have become my main device.
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    Louqe Ghost S1 Ash (L Tophat bottom, M+S Tophat top)

    Looks pretty cool, though that CPU block is enormous!
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    Accessory This new keyboard from Razer looks good, BlackWidow Lite

    A normal font?!?!??! And from Razer of all companies!
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    Epoch - A Long Term Project in a NFC SkyReach 4 MINI

    Can never go wrong with the S4. If you have the time, could you post your thoughts on the 570 ITX please? Information on that card is a bit hard to come by surprisingly.
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    Shenanigans S4 mini

    Glad you brought this thread back. that is a beautiful s4. Thinking of polishing my S4 now
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    Lone L4 render machine

    The L4 was an awesome case for those who can live with mid tier graphics cards. The case is inherently clean and profesional. Love all the builds in them.
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    Motherboard B450 motherboard listed at Newegg

    What disappoints is the mATX boards. They all kinda...suck. Cheap VRM's and no Intel NICs breaks the deal for me. They're aren't any X470 mATX boards either.
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    The Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

    Great design! Reminds me of the Corsair One, but the ability to use mATX boards makes this case much more appealing. I presume the 5.25" bay won't be usable when in "Gear one" configuration with a GPU?
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    Has anyone successfully milled the wraparound bezel to fit the 1080 mini? I know you can mod the card itself...but you know...$500 card. I love the metal bezel and would prefer to keep it. Was thinking of milling the bezel to make it like a 3d bezel.