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    Motherboard msi B550I Gaming Edge Wifi

    I am resuscitating an older thread is everybody feeling about this mobo? I am about to pull the trigger on the max version... With a 5600x CPU and a Noctua l9a fan (Noctua is sening spacers).
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    Accessory usb-c to type-e header cable

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    Accessory usb-c to type-e header cable

    Yes thank you, saw that. It wasn't clear from the picture if that usb-c was glued in or what .... Also they didn't mention whether it is a type-e or 19pin usb-c cable ... I wanted to make sure I can find an after market cable for this.
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    Accessory usb-c to type-e header cable

    I am having issues communicating right with custom_mod because of language barrier (although they have been nice) I am trying to find a usb-c to type-e cable that works on the slm2 model they sell. It is a slanted slot ...
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    Power Supply 250w Pico PSU from China

    did you end up buying the rgeek at 250w. How is it?
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    Discussion Nh d15 + mitx mobo + hdplex 200w DC atx

    i just ordered the custom_mod slm1 (aluminium) last week too. I also got the hdplex 200. I haven't setteled on a mobo/cpu yet ... I am hesitating between an APU setup or CPU plus cheaper GPU. Also not sure whether I should go Z590, X570 or B550...I would like a thunderbolt, but at the end that...
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    List of Mini-ITX/DTX motherboards with a Key A header (for front panel USB C)

    I'll double necro this thread... But what setup did you go with... I am about to get a x570 and the USB 3. 2 Gen 2 header issue is problematic... At the same time I don't want B550 as most lack backplate connections vs the x570. Also... Why the heck x570 do not have 3.2gen2 headers ?
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    Production cases: SLM1 4L; SLM2 5.7L by Custom_MOD

    thx. would the USB-C front plug still work as a USB 3.2 if connected to a USB 3.2 header in the mobo ?
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    Production cases: SLM1 4L; SLM2 5.7L by Custom_MOD

    Hi all ... noob here, I am trying to assemble parts for a rig with the SLM1 4L, which is the smallest case with a front USB-C (that doesn't use the noisy flex PSU). I am not a gamer (not yet) and I was thinking about either using a Zen2 APU or a Zen3 CPU+cheap GPU. But i Narrowed my parts to the...
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    let's see how fast ...

    hey, Let's see how fast i can decide on a case, mobo and the rest of accessories for a formula 2s/k39 like size sffpc ...