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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    If you ever decide to part ways with them, I'll buy
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    Skyreach 4 SSD shift bracket 1.0

    Makes space along the right side of the Skyreach 4 to allow two 2.5" drives to be mounted in various configurations where only one would fit originally. This includes: Using 180 degree PCIE adapters for cable routing Placing HDPLEX AC-DC in vertical configuration for brickless
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    Storage Skyreach 4 SSD shift bracket

    hat1324 submitted a new resource: Skyreach 4 SSD shift bracket - Shifts 2.5" drive position slightly to the left Read more about this resource...
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    God damn, just looking on Amazon these days there are SO MANY OPTIONS for portable monitors. It irks me a little that 2 years ago I had to fork out $300+ for a decent 1080p 60Hz IPS
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    Buying Cable set for Dynamo 360/160 Combo

    Haha, i might do just that.
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    Buying Cable set for Dynamo 360/160 Combo

    No sweat. Life comes first. Jon at NFC is currently quoting me for custom Dynamo cables, so I wouldn't have been left to dry ;) Send me your PayPal and a quote and I'll still pay you.
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    Buying Cable set for Dynamo 360/160 Combo

    Hello, I need a set of SATA/Power/PCIE cables for KMPKT's Dynamo Combo. If you have spares or are willing to make some, I'll pay you $25 for them. I'd do it myself as I have all the necessary parts, but all my parts/tools are locked away in my SF apartment, and with the ongoing pandemic I have...
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    New SFF builder, here's my first

    Proud to be a part of the 1% apparently... And speaking of which, when the hell is the Asus XG17 coming???
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    All that comes to mind is buying 2xGAEMS rail monitor stand and putting both vesa mounts on one stand :)
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    Cooling Noctua "Black Out" Chromax Line

    That would require a can of air... which I do not have at the moment :(
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    Cooling 80 x 80 x 10 mm case fan... doesn't seem to exist?

    Oh yikes! Yeah, I agree I wouldnt fork over that much more.
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    Cooling 80 x 80 x 10 mm case fan... doesn't seem to exist?

    This is the fan that comes with the Scythe Jitte... In my experience, it began to wobble within several months. That said, the Akasas lasted even shorter, so given that the VELKASE fans are OOS on eBay, they're probably your best bet. Anyway point being I believe they are legit