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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Can't wait for this to be released for the rest of us, been eyeing it for a while.
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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Well atleast keep the "T-1" in the name, I think a complete name change would just be very confusing down the line.
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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Wait, why even change the name in the first place? This initial confusion is already detrimental lol
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    NZXT H1 is new SFF case that includes 650w SFX and 140mm AIO

    Really want to buy this case, but I dont need the psu or watercooler lol. Would anyone here be interested in buying the cooler/psu if I buy the kit?
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    Selling DSE Breathe v1 Black itx case, S4 Mini Classic Silver

    BUMP, price has been reduced slightly for both.
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 21.11.2020

    I/O on top with clean front face is much better,
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 21.11.2020

    Ooooh, any option to have the power button mounted on the top or side panel?
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    Prototype Wallye NMA Carry-On Backpack (SFF / Camera Kit + Laptop)

    ENMA sounds phonetically like "enema". Don't google image search that either, you'll regret it.
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    Closed CCD MI-6

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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Any chance a handle could be made for this case in next batch? Something like what cerberus has? :p
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    Production Sliger SV590 and SV540 - Vertical SFF Cases!

    Oh man, I keep looking at the renders, I know I said it before, but I'm all in for a 10-11L vertical case if it has the same design and arrangement as this larger version.
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    Production Sliger SM550/560/570/580 (2 and 3 slot riser layouts, with air and liquid cooling variants)

    Wow, those long thin vents on the ventilated side panels are going to flex real easy, maybe introduce a staggered vent pattern instead?
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    Production Sliger SV590 and SV540 - Vertical SFF Cases!

    If there is a non-watercooled option that shrinks this down to around 10-12L, count me in! Always love a vertical case.