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    Motherboard ASRock AMD EPYC Mini ITX

    Ah, my deepest apologies. Thanks for catching that. I couldn't contain my excitement and forgot to check before posting...:oops:
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    Motherboard ASRock AMD EPYC Mini ITX

    EPYC ITX 64 core ITX system anyone? 😁😁😁 It's not standard ITX form factor unfortunately... It's described as 'extended' at 17x20cm. Imagine getting your hands on this unicorn...
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    Log Advice needed: mITX & mATX

    My apologies. You are correct. For some reason I thought the SM580 had the option for horizontal mounting.
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    Log Highest performance density research

    I would recommend you check out the Performance per litre - Round 4 thread under the 'General' section. Might help you with formulating ideas.
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    Log Advice needed: mITX & mATX

    The Sliger SM580 sounds like it should suit your needs for a mITX build. Also comes in white. Another option might be the Cooler Master NR200P.
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    News The new Playstation 5 is a 10.5 litre console

    Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a case mod or to transplant the internals of the PS5 into a new case. Looking forward to the build thread! ??
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    Loque Ghost S1 Build (Advice)

    Not sure if you've purchased the case yet, but if you haven't, then wait for the release of the MkIII coming out in early Q3 according to Louqe. Wasn't aware of an upcoming release when I'd purchased mine earlier this year. So suffering from FOMO right now XD.
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    Amazon Intel i7-10700k $387.00

    Still above Intel MSRP $374.00 but possibly worth considering for some: deal Edit: deal seems to be finished for now
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    Motherboard Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX ITX

    The backplate makes this very tempting along with there being no vrm fan.... especially if they use similar price point tactics like what they did on Z490 recently.
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    Motherboard ASUS B550I-Strix

    So, when comparing the asus X570 itx against their b550 itx, I noticed a few things: B550 and X570 appear to use the same VRM description, but visually the layout is different X570 has waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more rear I/O B550 has higher max memory frequency (sources used: Asus X570 ITX...
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    Ghost Complete

    That grill is gorgeous with a good polish. S-rank effort right there!
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    DAN SFX 4 - with AIO

    Did your temps improve upon reverting to air cooling? By any chance did you happen to try getting temp readings with the rad/fan in open air and not mounted in the case? Any difference if the fan is set to pull instead of push?
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    I find myself oddly drawn to here.

    Welcome! I can't even count how many times I've watched this one by @Josh | NFC : SFF is truly an art form; it doesn't have to make sense to be satisfying.
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    First mod (and SFF Build) with Noctua GPU Shroud and fans

    Noctua would be proud!
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    News Asus ROG Z490-I specs revealed

    Optimum Tech shows off the Asus Z490-I in his most recent video: