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    Production SFFtime presents: MNLT - elegant vertical air tunnel case with excellent air cooling support and no riser

    Why not a ports-up chimney stack case, much more convenient? Like a smaller Silverstone FT03 matx? You can still have a 20 mm fan above all the cables, plus you can fit a regular ATX PSU in. Dont like SFX in these cases, you have the space.
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    Discussion Cases with motherboard outputs oriented to top?

    Silverstone Fortress FT-03 and FT-03 mini, though they are quite old models. Maybe you like them nevertheless, got a black mATX one myself. Also your QB One would be easily converted into a standing case with some custom feet on the front panel (2 cm or more), doesn't even have to be a...
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    Advice Need advices : putting a RTX 3070 into a Node 202

    Please write up your Node 202 orientation, extra fans configuration and temps, very curios.
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    Prebuilt ASRock DESKMINI A300 AMD: help me in configure it!

    Going Intel route would get you more cores/threads seeing how you can go for I9 9900(T), instead of a AMD APUs with 4c/8t. Make sure you pick a non-F cpu, ideally a T.
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    [8.38L] RX 570 into an Optiplex 990 SFF

    Yes, the fan is pointed towards the motherboard. My psu also doesnt have the gpu pcie connectors(GT 1030 atm), and TFX being a standard having different options in many price ranges 20 - 60 €. That said, molex-to-PCIe adapter from the 2x molex i have on this PSU sound like a legitimate option to...
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    [8.38L] RX 570 into an Optiplex 990 SFF

    I managed to mod my Optiplex 790 SFF to take a standard Fortron TFX 300W psu with the original MBO, dremeled out the top cover holders at psu side, and the big hump under the original psu on the inner component metal tray, leaving all the original mbo mount points. Also i had to dremel a bit...
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    Node 202 Power led change/dim/swap?

    Put a piece of self adhesive post-it note paper on the metal part of the case hanging over the led and then close the case. You can put more layers with different colors to tweak it to your liking. I put 3 layers of blue semi transparent post-it, it was nicely diffused and the right intensity.
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Try doing a custom fan/temp curve in msi afterburner or asus software, put vents on 50% max till 80C, and take the power limit down to minimum. Then try some intensive stuff and monitor temperatures and fan noise. You can also limit the max boost with the freq/temp curve. You should be able to...
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Try lowering the power limit to minimum using MSI afterburner, see if that makes a difference
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    @neo_rebu Thats an SFF Optiplex 790 there? Post if the new GTX 1650 works with it and which PSU you have in there? Default 240W or did you upgrade it? Also, whats the speed of your PCIex through GPU-Z pls.
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    Zotac RTX2070 Mini Zero Fan Bios Mod explained

    Ah, tyvm. I was using an old Afterburner skin which didn't have those controls ;) Now i have the problem of random complete system crash when using the Afterburner instead of AORUS software. Ironically, Afterburner runs anyways, cause it launches the statistics server which I use to globally...
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    Zotac RTX2070 Mini Zero Fan Bios Mod explained

    Also have the Gigabyte RTX 2060 MINI, are you using the AORUS software or only Afterburner? AORUS has that nice temperature limit option that I dont find in Afterburner, but ive set the power limit to 85 and it hits the power limit 1st anyways. So I'm thinking of just using the Afterburner and...
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    Enclosure Sooo, which popular SFF cases can support triple slot GPUs? : (

    Node 202 should support triple slot without the extra fans, and Coolermaster Elite 110 supports the height, though the length is limited.
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    Motherboard Raven Ridge HDMI 2.0 Compatibility — 1st Gen AM4 Motherboard Test Request Megathread

    Just got it yesterday, Win 10 64bit. Booted right up in a previously installed os. With 2x4GB HyperX Predator 3200, got XMP2 to work, XMP1 didn't want to work, but I haven't had the time to fiddle with it more. I'll try OCing the GPU for kicks after work today.