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    Is there any dual radiator itx case?

    NCase M1 supports 2 240 mm Rads. I am planning such a build for octobre in the V6.
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    Ncase M1 cooling - 120mm fans under the GPU

    I would take a big card like a Strix and remove fans and shroud. Putting 25mm fans underneath to pull air out. I got no hands on experience though.
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    2019 OptiPlex Type-N

    Fun read and interesting project. Thank you
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    Trying to fit an MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Evoke OC inside a SKYREACH 4 MINI -- is it possible?

    Is the Sapphire Pulse smaller? EDIT: no its not. 255 mm length
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    I bought a 2080ti yesterday and need a case now

    Take the NCase and mod the cooler if necessary. Maybe a simple shroud removal is enough, maybe put an accelero III on it.
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Well look at this...
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    IceManCooler pump/res combo

    Yeah the adapter is just a frame with 92mm and 80mm mountingholes. It is absolutely simple to manufacture. I guess in the end you could just use a sheet of metal/acrylic/wood whatever and drill the holes in it. We dont even need the fan-opening. Or maybe we are lucky and you can align the screws...
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    Introduction New configuration SFF with AMD Ryzen 3900x

    I dont think you can run that 3900x on the stock cooler. Man if you are willing to spent that much money on a cpu, then go out and get a decend cooler. Noctua U12s or something.
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    I am in the same situation, but I think a fan-mount adapter should solve the issue without a hitch. I posted the thingiverse link in the iceman res threat.
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    Intel 660P M.2 SSD Help

    I see no problem there.
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    Introduction New configuration SFF with AMD Ryzen 3900x

    I honestly dont see you cooling a 3900x 12 core chip on air in that case. I mean you got like what...60 mm of cooler height clearance? There is no cooler rated for that tdp in that form factor. You got 3 choices in that enclosure: - undervolting and downclocking your 500 dollar cpu - downgrade...
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    IceManCooler pump/res combo

    I just ordered this from a friend. Should solve the v6 mounting problem. Hope the pump-res is not too heavy but I guess you could support it through the fittings.
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    MSI RX 5700XT Evoke

    Well yeah thats a sexy piece of hardware. Shame that its so big.
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    MSI RX 5700XT Evoke

    Who the hell came up with: "Lets make it absolutely hideous!" Thats the ugliest gpu since mankind decided to carve stones.
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    My Humble NCase M1

    I got some more questions regarding your build if you dont mind: - how many fittings and angled adapters did you roughly use? I estimated something like 14 fittings, 8 angled adapters and some 20 mm ??? spacers. Not including the drain. - What kind of tubing and what diameter did you use? Or...