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    Power Supply Pico/Nano Power Supply Design Help?

    Hello all! I am an Electrical Engineer, focused on Power, and Ive been wanting to expand my knowledge into pcb design and hardware design. I was hoping to model out and maybe eventually create my own pico PSU, but I am hoping there would be a little more help in starting it. i know I could just...
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    Concept Unnamed 11.78L Console Style Case - Full ATX Motherboard Support

    I had planned to have a complete open vent over the AIO bracket to improve airflow but since I didnt have exact measurements down yet for both 120mm and 140mm radiators yet, I left it as the "holed" pattern. The open vent will most likely be in the final concept. To answer your question, yes...
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    Concept Unnamed 11.78L Console Style Case - Full ATX Motherboard Support

    The goal for this Console-Style Case was to be able to fit a full ATX motherboard, with a full size graphics card in the smallest enclosure possible. This case can hold any and all motherboard sizes ATX and under as well as all PSU sizes! Some configurations may interfere with others. First...
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    Production WH-nano:5.59L Balanced SFF case

    Thank you for finding this! Superbuy unfortunately labels it as Off the Shelf and Im unable to order it :/
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    Production Frisk MK2——The 120AIO mini case with RGB showing less then 7L

    Is this case available for purchase?
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    Production WH-nano:5.59L Balanced SFF case

    Is there ANYWAY to by this case still? I’ve tried through Superbuy and Newbecca with no luck. I’m assuming this isn’t in production of sorts? I’m desperate for a case under 7L that has 120mm aio aupport
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    Power Supply PicoPSU Discussion

    So I’m planning out a super compact build that requires a pico PSU. Have a 250W pcb with a 330W laptop adapter and I am curious to everyones experience with them. Efficiency? Absolute Max Wattage? Safety? Today I tried to use a janky 300W pico PSU and accidentally shorted a connection...