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    motherboard advice

    Got to decide between 2 motherboards and just cant decide. Without detailing the build which one do you guys prefer and why? GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI or ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING...
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    motherboard recommendation

    Asus- 'but it doesn't look like it works with APUs, so it's not of any use to you here' can anyone confirm this????
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    motherboard recommendation

    looking for a last recommendation for motherboard. cpu is a ryzen 3400g and only going to use onboard graphics. which of these 3 motherboards would you choose and why? Asus - Asrock -...
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    CPU & motherboard advice

    Hi all been a long time since ive build anything so need advice on motherboard/cpu combination. The PC will mostly be used for internet, office, video, downloading, a little Photoshop/illustrator. only gaming done is football manager and cities skyline- non-graphical games The PC is on all...
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    in search of the right case

    Hi all I'm looking for a case, as close to what you see in this pic. The pic shows a poorly photo-shopped Modivio case- I need something that will hold a itx motherbaord, proper sfx psu - e.g. corsair sfx450 and room for cable management. More importantly is is able to fit...
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    Cases for onboard graphics

    nice but no use to me. need something like the dan a4 case but where centre spine can be relocated so that the motherboard can be placed on the left wall and use all the space. with no need or room for graphics card
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    Cases for onboard graphics

    Hi all mentioned this before, but didn't get great responses so trying again. Looking for a PC case for itx but with decent cooling a must. in essence I'm looking for a case that is small but provides lots of cooling as the area usually dedicated to fit a large graphics card is instead used...
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    psu advice

    the heat and noise worries me now- i want my machine to run very quiet and cool also i want my psu to run on 0rpm mode for as long as possible
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    psu advice

    well done - yes same config although ive gone for corsair 240mm aio. and added zotac graphics card. the sf450 comes with plate for case. which is great. thanks for you advice.
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    psu advice

    HI all i have a metallic gear mini itx case. it will fit a full size psu but I'm undecided whether to go with full size or sfx psu- my options are the corsair RMX 550- or the...
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    Metallicgear neo mini build

    will do- although this will take a while as i haven't got all the bits yet. I really wanted something small. but this thing will be on all day. so i need something quiet and cool. In terms of the rad, there looks like plenty of room as its set back a little due to the depth of the case. Is is a...
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    Metallicgear neo mini build

    HI all just the start of the project- this will take me a while. but got the case today, its available in the uk- and am very happy with it.Happy to answer any questions about it. installed 2x 140mm fans in the front and moved the 120mm provided fan to the rear. added a Samsung ssd. will be...
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    Build idea

    Hi all, would love some feedback on a new build idea. Found what i think is a very good, reasonably priced case. PC would be on all day and mostly used for internet, office use, streaming and photoshop. thoughts please. SPEC CPU - Intel - Core i5-8600 3.1GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler -...
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    Mini itx case advice needed

    looking to build a sff PC. But i have specific requirements. The spec of the PC i have pretty much decided. Intel Core i5 Asus ROG strix mini itx z730 16gb corsair lpx Samsung m2 970 evo corsair sfx 450 But i have 2 issues. 1- this PC will be on all day every day, so decent cooling is a...