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    Completed The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    Shame production ended as it was a fairly unique proposition. Taobao is your best bet for a clone, the 6.7l ZS-A4L stands out and the maker has recently joined No front IO unfortunately. ZS A4L v2
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    They sound too thin to make a real difference. I thought the ZS-A4M got it right in this respect, though interestingly V2 did away with it. Plus maybe it depends on how the fins are orientated on a GPU heatsink - effective for horizontal fins, not for vertical. Testing a few combinations is the...
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    News Intel Quartz Canyon NUC - Intel's take on SFF PC?

    Simply NUC has pricing up. Ouch.
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    The New UI Doesn't Easily Let You See Which Threads You've Read

    Fingers crossed. The lack of link or jump to unread posts is a real backward step. Extra faff is a real put off.
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    Concept 3.5L LAN Box

    Similar concept with a Flex PSU here:
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    Power Supply Recommended Flex ATX PSU - What should I be buying?

    Looks like they've replaced the fan. The Noctua 40mm is a good option.
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    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    I think the layout has merit, but the pi thing only works if you hit the 3.14L size, which you may struggle with. Plus I can't imagine the airflow and temps would be very good with that design.
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    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    I've seen this set up on taobao - HERE. Good option if you happy with a 1050ti or less.
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    Stalled Alpha Cases - T7 SFX - Sub 5L

    Good work. Here is my other venting suggestion for any prototyping and testing you do - a small complete gap for exhausting Is the intended material aluminium? You may have issues with the holes. Hahutzy XS is thread is a good read re some of the difficulties he faced on the vent patterns...
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    Stalled Alpha Cases - T7 SFX - Sub 5L

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. This form factor is becoming increasingly popular - Hahutzy, CustomMod Flex, ZS-A4M, Loli2 and others. Some thoughts: 1, As above think about a front vent for the GPU. Similar to the ZS-A4M and L7. There is an observation in a CustomMod thread...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    That's a real shame, I was really tempted by the ZS-A4M. Looks great in the pictures. Here is an alternative - the Loli2. A fraction smaller, closer in size to Hahutzy's XS. Silver also available.
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    Stalled Hutzy XS — Ultra Compact Gaming Case (<4L)

    The ZS-A4M on TaoBao looks pretty similar and interesting. Shame buying on TaoBao is a pain.
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    Completed MK-1 (4.1L 3D Printed SFF) Now Available!

    You should counter sink the screws. Would look much neater
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    Production cases FX mini by Custom_MOD

    It was this one. Not how sure good Apevia are and it looks like they are mis-advertising it as Flex ATX. Dimensions are actually TFX. The wait for a 300W+ high efficiency Flex ATX with a 80mm fan and modular cables continues.
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    Production cases FX mini by Custom_MOD

    The 40mm fan is a concern. There are quieter 40mm replacement fans out there and some PSUs with 80mm fans. Personally I'm waiting to see actual photos/builds of your cases before ordering.