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    Memory X470-I With 64GB - Anyone?

    I have the B450 i. I forget which BIOS update that would support 64GB RAM. Anyway the latest BIOS(NOT the Beta vision, important)certainly will do. Even in Asus QVL lists only G Skill 64GB memory. I use Corsair LPX 64GB without issue. I can even OC it from 3000MHz to 3400MHz and run tighter timings.
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    News EKWB VTX pumps

    I think the VTX pump is thicker. So the EK DDC pump heatsink will not fit, or not? Do you mind to provide a photo? BTW, DDC pump use M4 screws.
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    Build Advice (NCase M1 v6)

    Regarding watercooling. like you said, the Ryzen 5 3600 isn't a hot chip. A C14S or U9S will handle the cooling nicely. No need for AIO. I have this motherboard, but not the Noctua NH-C14S cooler. So not sure about the clearance. However I tried the U9S, which fits without any hiccup. It...
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    motherboard recommendation

    If you use the second M.2 slot, it will reduce the PCIe slot to 8x, instead of 16x. Which is still fine unless you want to use a 2080Ti. GPU less powerful than 2080 Ti will not be affected by the reduce PCIe bandwidth.
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    motherboard recommendation

    Asus B450-i has the best SoC VRM of the three boards. That's better for the on-boaed Vega GPU.
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    Build Advice (Lian Li TU150)

    What makes What make you think the Asus board is better?
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    Critique proposed S4M Brickless: Gigabyte X570, Ryzen 3700X, Zotac 2060 Super

    I have the Gigabyte board. However when I built my rig, only Gigabyte and ASrock have their board on the market. If I build it now, I probably will get the Strix.
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    Critique proposed S4M Brickless: Gigabyte X570, Ryzen 3700X, Zotac 2060 Super

    The NH-L9a may be stretching a bit thin for 3700x. 3700x is quite a hot chip.
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    SFF.Network Raijintek Launches the Metis Evo

    Raijintek should dump the ATX PSU and shrink the case to less than 20L to be a true itx case. At 22.4L, they better make it a M-ATX case. And the proportion of the case with tempered glass panel make it looks like a microwave oven. Perfect for sitting on the kitchen table. Disappointed.
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    Rumor RX 5500 Might Be Coming Soon-Ish

    Like a GTX1660
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    Build Advice (Lian Li TU150)

    Apply some undervolt, like -0.05v. You should be golden. If possible, have two bottom case fans as well. Have fun with you build.
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    NCase Side-Panel Cooling Advice

    Optimum Tech had his NCASE M1 using U9S and tempered glass side panel, before using 240mm AIO. It cooled just fine as long as you have two bottom fans. Look up his channel. Tons of information about NCASE M1.
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    Ncase M1 V5

    I use the same mobo. I watched Buildzoid's video on Gigabyte X570 BIOS. I went through all the options. However if you plan no OC. Good news you don't have to do much in the BIOS. Undervolt will help the CPU runs cooler and also boost the performance slightly. However, as you keep lower the...
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    Please check my build - first time building SFF NCASE M1 v6

    I second the Corsair SF600. The shorter SFX PSU will make life easier than the Seasonic SFX-L. 600w is plenty even for 9900K and 2080Ti.
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    Ncase M1 V5

    The Corsair MP600 M.2 SSD has a very tall heatsink. You will have problem with the chipset fan/heatsink of the Gigabyte motherboard. The Corsair SF600 comes with black sleeve cables. The length is about right for the configuration like the NCASE M1. You won't have the problem of spaghetti...