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    Selling Ryzen 3700X in a Revoccases RCC Mid1 I never completed this build and now that I bought a ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 I never will. All parts are listed there except for the SSD, I am keeping that. I think I have all parts for the case. It's one of...
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    News New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    There's a 240W 20V GaN charger which actually shipped, here's a review currently it's sold out but SlimQ said they are making more.
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    News New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    More, it's actually two chargers in a single plastic case with a single AC input but otherwise it's two fully independent USB C chargers. Also, backing any Kickstarter -- even a Navitas GaNFast charger -- during covid is, pardon my French, monumentally stupid. Wait unti it hits the market, if...
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    News GHF51 printable case got a 3D printable case: I didn't do it, I am just the messenger :)
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    News New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    I found something that suspiciously looks like the brick in question with a delivery time approx. 3–8 weeks and it only costs 670 EUR, a basement bargain. The price precluded me from enquiring further.
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

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    Log My little 11.5L 180mm wind tunnel

    Do you think there will be enough airflow? :) Also note the highly sophisticated temporary / boot (not sure yet) video card placement secured with a twist tie :) (note the photo does not run power to the riser -- it doesn't work that way but I am st00pid and forgot, also my BIOS only supports...
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    News New Ryzen Zen3 and big navi

    If the 3300X is a taste of things to come then we are doomed. It's easier to buy powdered real unicorn horn than that thing. I gave up and bought a 3700X :D
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    Log Lenovo M720Q Tiny router/firewall build with aftermarket 4 port NIC

    Wow, very nice! You might want to link to the card because the screw holes lining up like that is insanely lucky. I do not think there's any standard where the "baffle" is supposed to screw in.
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    Log My little 11.5L 180mm wind tunnel

    The album is now refreshed and you can see the motherboard-CPU-cooler-power has been assembled and it's working. I will put it in the chassis later this weekend and complete the build.
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Dell DA-2 + PCI6EPS428 + PicoPSU 160 XT: complete success. The six pin fits as described in and then I taped one of the P4 back close to the Dell - 6 pin connector and used one of the ground connections from it to run a wire into the...
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    News ASL does it again: single slot low profile 1650 Notably it's shorter at 170mm where the 1050 Ti was 190mm.
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    Log My little 11.5L 180mm wind tunnel

    One big step ahead which worth a post in itself: the PCI6EPS428 indeed works! You can see the latest image in the album the 6 pin fits correctly and once the Remote pin is connected to ground the indicator LED goes green (this is visible in the photo) and I was able to measure 12V on the right...
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    Motherboard Insane number of PCIe slots ATX motherboard, wonder whether similar ITX exists those six are not USB ports! Those are PCIe x1 ports carried over the USB A cables to mining risers. I wonder whether somewhere in the dark depths of taobao a similar ITX board lurks...
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    It seems noone posted this baby yet.