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    Dreaming of a truly SFF (ITX) case for 3950X

    X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3. Disadvantage: only one M.2 slot. However, there are 10gbps USB ports so in a pinch you can add two more with USB-NVMe enclosures. Will limit your speed to 1gbps -ish but hey that's still double of SATA not to mention the much better random I/O due to NVMEe. The...
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    Asetek 645LT now available on

    wow @ people cooling a Threadripper with a 92mm, my experience was that two 140mm either tower or water cooler is pretty much necessary. You might not be pushing that TR too hard :D Hitting 250W with PBO enabled on a 2950X is not hard. You won't dissipate 250W with a 92mm fan... not unless you...
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    2x EPS SFX PSUs?

    FSP Dagger Pro 650W Silverstone SX700-PT Corsair SF750 Any others? Curiously both the Lian Li PE-750 and the Silverstone SX800-LTI ships with only one, boo. The Seasonic Focus Gold SGX 650W also but that's easier to overlook, in fact, I am very surprised at the FSP Dagger Pro having two at...
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    Smallest case that supports optical drive and dual-slot low-profile GPU?
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    Smallest case that supports optical drive and dual-slot low-profile GPU?

    It's not micro ATX , careful, it says "mini atx" which is not a thing, it says 170 * 210mm max which is weird because that's not enough for three slots. The three slot compendium is at alas it seems the spreadsheet is...
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    Smallest case that supports optical drive and dual-slot low-profile GPU?

    What about the Lone L5 and a USB enclosure?
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    Smallest case that supports optical drive and dual-slot low-profile GPU?

    BTW that Chieftec BT04B U3 is super neat but if they didn't waste the space on a 3.5" bay it could have 80mm back fans :( It would be perfect for me.
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    New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    You could at least use the picoPSU-160-XT and a 48V to 12V step down converter.
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    New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    While GaN chargers are (very) rare about 65W or so (because there's a 72W cutoff in EU for simple designs) Navitas just released a 300W GaN laptop brick. Look at these photos...
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    USB-C Portable Monitors

    Of course we do. I am now a mod of r/UsbCHardware/ that's a treasure trove of knowledge about all things USB-C and I am everywhere spreading the gospel :) You are looking for the Delock 63928 But, it doesn't provide power on...
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    Beelink T4: now that's just ridiculous

    This is an entire PC with USB 3.0, HDMI and DP ports and yet, size (L x W x H): 10.60 x 10.60 x 1.77 cm / 4.17 x 4.17 x 0.7 inches. And only 120 USD (Google it if you want I am not here to spam.) No news on the power brick but it's just 12V 2A and those can be very small even if they don't ship...
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    Off Topic "SFF" Keyboards

    My only computer at this time is a ThinkPad Anniversary 25, if I want to type on a seven row ThinkPad keyboard, I already can... (and I am in advanced phases of negotiations of getting a modder put together a T480-TP25 Frankenpad for me.)
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    (TRAVEL) Taking your SFF build on a plane and getting it past Security check

    International and it's not ICAO, it's IATA. Where the ICAO is a UN agency and about as effective as you could expect from such, the IATA is the cartel of the airlines and their biggest concern is to develop safety standards because accidents are expensive in every possible way. Hence DGR, IOSA...
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    OCuLink to SAS cables - Needing help understanding them

    3500 megaBYTE per seconds is 28 gigaBITs per second. 32 gigaBITs per second is the speed of FOUR PCI Express links. I wouldn't that ebay thing although eight gigaBYTEs is exactly 32 gigaBITs per second so it could work but hey it's from China so even if theoretically works, do you really want a...
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    Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    PackedPixels is fixed mount , Mobile Pixels DUEX is DisplayLink. We need better.