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    Enclosure Silverstone CS381 - 28L mATX NAS case

    You could always do an eGPU...
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    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    That PSU has been shipping in the NUC9i9QNX for a while now, not sure what's new. I do not see it available retail, do you...?
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    Silverstone releases EPS-PCIe cable Compatible with SilverStone modular PSUs, adapts EPS to PCIe 8pin connector or vice versa, thick 18AWG wire gauge for heavy-duty use with flexible flat array design. This significantly widens the usability of the SX800-LTI to motherboards with...
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    DELOCK 63928 Also harken to All USB C questions should go to because we know everything about USB-C :D
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    28 core ITX from ASRock Rack EPC621D4I-2M

    . Adding a GPU means one is left with 1GbE networking. eh, no, the virtuallink on the 20x0 nvidia cards are full blown USB C so it's really 5gbe networking.(and was already so when this was written) Oh and there are USB A 5gbit adapters too, the QNAP UC5G1T doesn't have a captive cable and...
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    USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A to Type C adapter performance

    There absolutely is a specific cable for Gen2. Gen 1 and up cables must contain an eMarker IC telling the word what it is capable of. USB TypeC doesn't work with unsure "old quality cables" vs "some crappy ones" no, Type-C has a cable specification with this table: Or check Benson's relevant...
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    Concept Chimney - 18L dual 360 rad / dual graphics cards mATX case

    It seems to me the radiator on the left won't get any air or if it does it'll be hot from the video cards.
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    USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A to Type C adapter performance

    /r/usbchardware mod here, somewhat a walking USB C compendium The reason a USB C-C cable can only do 5gbps is typically because it's longer than what the standard allows for 10gbps, so no, you won't get 10gbps over it. And both Gen 1 and 2 cables have an eMarker so you can't fudge this. The...
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    I finally got both of my PackedPixels working thanks to the new generation MST hub: For some reason pairing previous generation MST hubs...
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    New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    I am mod over at /r/usbchardware and a regular reader of /r/thinkpad and the reports about these noname PD triggers are typically on the negative. Lenovo has search for 4X90U45346 it's now easily available but 45W only.
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    New small (GaN) 300W power brick

    Nevermind, I am wrong.
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    Frost Canyon NUCs, 6c/12t i7 and 64GB of Ram Support

    It's not PCIe 4, it's PCIe x4 Gen 3. You misread. This is just another 14nm chip. Intel's generation marking makes it hard but astute readers will immediately catch the DisplayPort 1.2 and know Ice Lake supports 1.4. Mind you: not even Ice Lake supports PCIe 4. Also it's not SSDs just one SSD...
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    [SFFTEC] Enhance ENP 7660B Pro (Limited Edition): Custom 600w Flex ATX PSU

    The mechanical drawing includes a back "ledge", past 150mm with two R2.5 holes. The actual photo doesn't show it. Is it included?
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    "front and back parts can be sawn off at the white line if not needed "
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    That quiet-up-to-480W SFFTEC Flex PSU made me start thinking

    There's this. Made me wonder. A Flex ATX PSU is 40mm thick... accidentlaly quite similar to a dual slot video card. I have an idea... As you know I am quite interested in ATX...