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    Looking for accurate measurements of two 2070 mini's

    My next build will be in a highly custom case. To know whether either the MSI RTX 2070 AERO ITX or the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Mini ITX will fit, I need to know the following dimensions of these cards. If anyone has one of these cards and is able to measure them that would help me out greatly.
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    Scythe jitte plus (39mm top flow dual fan)

    I don't think this is an accurate way of calculating temperature improvements; you get different results if you do this in Kelvin or Fahrenheit.
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    CRYORIG C7 copper released on Taobao at very limited quantities

    I'm skeptical of the graphene improving performance. The only way in which I could see it improving performance is if the coat is grainy, thereby increasing surface area, but even that would be marginal at best, nowhere near the claimed 30% increased heat exchange.
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    Design process discussion

    I think this mindset could be limiting your creativity. In this thread you have distinguished some qualities that you like in your designs: The question is whether/how you want to convey these qualities to the user. I think the takeaway is this:
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    m.2 SLI GPU

    I don't know the answer to your question, but you may want to look into pci-e bifurcation. It allows you to run two cards in SLI from one 16x slot.
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    That cooler is not single slot. The only passive single slot GPU coolers that I know of are the ASL 1030 and the ASL low profile 1030. It needs to be noted though, that the GTX 1030 is a 30w TDP card. The GTX 1050 has a 75w TDP. In order for this single slot passive cooler to work adequately...
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    Socket 1150 ITX boards that support PCI-e Risers?

    I think that no additional hardware or software is needed to support risers, you're literally just extending the contract points. I'd wait for ASRock to respond before giving up on this motherboard.
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    i7 8700 with 64gb RAM on ITX?

    Yes, even 64GB and 128GB exist. As for motherboards, all z370 mini itx boards support only 32GB ram according to their specsheet, though I did notice that this site claims that the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC supports up to 62.5GB of memory, not sure if that's correct though. EDIT: So...
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    Determining Volume

    In my opinion, as long as your computer works without it, it doesn't count towards the volume.
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    Given that the hottest aircooled itx GPU is the 1080 at 180W, a Vega 56 at 210W could probably still work in this formfactor, but the 295W Vega 64 would probably need to be 3 slots and/or very loud.
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    Low profile, single slot 1050 Ti

    Wow, that's even shorter than the ASL single slot low profile 1050 ti. Their site seems to have gone down, so here's an alternative link. EDIT: Their site is back up.
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    Feedback Forum categories, sub-forums, and organization

    For me it's not so much about posting, I don't read all threads, and I notice that I miss a lot of the DIY type cases. These threads usually don't remain active for very long, while mass produced cases are updated regularly thus drowning out other threads. Another option could be to keep all...
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    Feedback Forum categories, sub-forums, and organization

    In think the forum layout in the workshop could be a little more clear; currently we have: Build logs Custom Cases & Projects Modding In practice, the 'custom cases & projects' section is mostly used for cases that are, or will be in production. This is no problem of course, many of these...
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    Recommended distance between mobo and rear panel?

    Is this also enough space for a back-mounted m.2 drive?