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    Show your new toys Topic

    The older I get the more precious time becomes. So these kind of proven things are starting to appeal more to me than fiddly look-at-it-sideways-aand-it's-broken hackery stuff that I used to love. If I ever buy 3d printer, it'll be a prusa.
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    What did you do today?

    Folks at r/3dprinting, r/functionalprint, are mentioning that ender mfg is being dodgy by swapping parts for cheaper options. For example they no longer gives meanwell PSU, and sometimes the vent pattern doesn't even match the psu they sent so it chokes and overheats and shut itself off. One...
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    Power Supply HDPLEX 250W GaN Passive AIO

    Curious about this as well. They always use aluminium extrusion for enclosure so they got fin-like protrusion that helps dissipate heat. Shots (or renders?) of the new 250W GaN atx only show one side where the outputs are and it's just smooth engraved surface.
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    CPU Current status of HDplex 19 volt power supplies!

    There are all range of internal bricks; open frame to enclosed. Meanwell PSUs for example. They are available in adjustable voltage outputs. So getting 19V IN isn't exactly hard. Hdplex's acdc offering, while nice and robust, costs twice as much back then.
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    Other Dedicated GPU issue or PSU or.. ?

    If it did not always do that in the past, then I'd strongly suggest looking into your PSU. Maybe get a spare or borrow from a friend, try it for a few days see if it does that again. I had same issues for months until I replaced my dc-atx plugin board. one more thing that comes to mind is...
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    CPU Current status of HDplex 19 volt power supplies!

    Did Larry really said 12V? Now that is amazing news. No more 12V vs 19V wars. A single plugin board to rule them all. During my testing the old one, stated at 16-30V still works at 14V. Would be awesome if it can use 12V and run cooler at the same time. From business perspective, I get that...
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    Power Supply HDPLEX 250W GaN Passive AIO

    Amazing news. Dimension is perfect to put behind the bezel of S4M, same height as an itx motherboard too. No more plugin board - not sure how I feel abt that... Gotta learn to love cables again
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    Discussion Good 19V direct plug PSU beside HDPLEX

    Yeah haven't checked in for like 9 months. GUnique is 12V iirc. Revoccases partnered w gury too I think. I might end up testing out some stuff out of aliexpress..
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    Discussion Good 19V direct plug PSU beside HDPLEX

    So I've been rocking hdplex's 200w dc-atx for close to 5 years now. I ordered 160W combo but Larry sent me first version of KMPKT's 200W instead, which is a huge plus for me. Since then it's been paired with hdplex's own 200W brick, then with meanwell eps 200W. At some point I even put a...
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    NCASE's "2 man operation" sure involves a lot of women

    I suspect many others reading your first post do and will mistakenly assume (not assert) the same as well. Note the sarcasm. Exhibit A. Then second flag, exhibit B. Even when pointed out you (or what it seems to me) wonderfully dodged and still slip a silent comeback. It could be just as you...
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    Log ~2L 11th Gen i5 & Turing dGPU

    Damn tight build. Impressive! I immediately recognized that epp-200. And you got my dream lp gpu. Your system coupled with my roadrunner battery solution, perfect 4 hours portable pc easy. Just like you tho, i think even my current pc is overkill for my use. Plans be plans, amirite?
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    Log 3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen

    Cheers for having the audacity and bravery to actually try led psus for PCs. Folks 'round here 'ave been asking whether they can - with naysayers (me included) saying it won't work so they shouldn't even try. Basically voltage drop to 2V means that 3% load regulation is a load (pun intended)...
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    Log Project 🐦RoadRunner (Battery Powered Portable PC, in S4M-C #524)

    Thanks @ignsvn ! But I'm afraid by the time I do, my pc spec would already be fossilized in tech burial site lol. God I wish I can at least upgrade to r5 3600 I got back home mid 2019, just half a year before the pandemic started, with the intention of renewing my work visa. But then it hits...
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    Log The portaNUC - turning a NUC into a UMPC handheld system

    My bad.. here it is..
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Without wanting to sound like I actually understand the physics behind it (I consider myself like @Valantar , a mere back alley illusionist).... Spontaneous arcing in exposed conductor is indeed voltage dependent. But this phenomenon of current burning through insulations on the short instance...