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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 2080ti and R9 3950x - 600w - on water

    As usual ADTLink got you covered here.. DisplayPort Extension Cable DP 4K 8K 60Hz 1.4V Cord Elbow angled Adapter 5cm-2m FPC Display Port Ribbon Flat Female Bracket I'd say get a custom made pci bracket, and reroute all ports with those. The S4M community have come a long way with these with...
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    A wild ATX12VO motherboard appears

    EPS 8-pin along with 24-pin ATX have been consumer motherboard standard for at least 15 years. Do you mean we should condense 8+24 to mere 10 pin? I think I read somewhere those pins are rated 40-50W each, including cases where half of it fails to work. Budgeting 50 to 100W for onboard...
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    Power Supply LED AC-DC 12v PSU

    Please don't. Search this forum for '12v guide', we have some infos and options for you there. In short, 1> ripple needs to be <120mVp-p 2> poor regulation. led drivers are mostly constant current (to some degree), constant voltage is not even on the requirement. 3> very cheap components and...
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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 2080ti and R9 3950x - 600w - on water

    While you're at it I suggest to have the shop add more weld to the standoff's pemserts, recent reports of few of them popping off is concerning.
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    Node 202 Power led change/dim/swap?

    That's really not how it works. It'll simply dim the led. I won't go into details, but tldr; pwrled header is typically 3.3V and current limited, hence no way to 'overload' it. Snip one of the two cable that goes to pwrled header. Solder a resistor to go between the snipped parts. Or a small...
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    ITX in mATX case | mATX in ATX case

    Pros: you get to be on this thread.
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    Haven't built a PC since 2003, (long winded) looking for advice thread!

    Not to undermine the rest of your very good and accurate reply, but raid striping is about speed. Theoretically speaking striping across 2 drives doubles the speed, across 3 triples, etc etc until you hit the controller bandwidth bottleneck. In reality this is never the case though, striping...
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    General Chat Thread

    Great year ahead people! Also, so long, and thanks for all the fish!
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    [STALLED] NFC S4M-C #524 - project 🐦RoadRunner (Battery Powered Portable PC)

    Thanks for the kind words. I am ~80% positive to continue towards that path of removable battery pack. At the moment, however, I felt a bit silly for wanting audience and attention towards my own niche personal project. That I've invested too much and gained too little in documenting it, for...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Afaik, there is no 5V pins on the pcie slot spec and neither in the gpu power socket.
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    Introduction and Motherboard and PCIE layout /arrangement question

    Pcie slot closest to cpu will always be the fastest and guaranteed to be full speed lanes. I don't know where you got that 'most' have their second slot to be 'the' x16 slot. For SLI/crossfire motherboards yes both are supposedly full speed, but it's also much depended on cpu or chipset. But the...
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    Porting games

    In my time of writing softwares for a living, I learned that the closer a codebase is to the bare-metal, the harder it is to port it to different architecture or platform. Now porting cross-architecture, if the source architecture is easier, e.g older, slower, well-documented, most of the time...
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    Mini ITX PC - Need some help

    Please tell me this is not a joke post. I can find you a pelican case that can fit inside that case (no, not really, j/k). Put that 10KL keyboard inside while you're at it.