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    Discussion What thermal pastes are you using?

    Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on a RTX 3090
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    Discussion What thermal pastes are you using?

    Beware of liquid metal.
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    Crypto Mining and impact on the PC market

    I don't want to spam/shill this forum with crypto mining but since you asked, I will tell you. The price of ethereum and bitcoin went down recently. Profits are down and will likely stay down. I strongly advise not to buy a graphics card only for mining. My favorite crypto coin is Monero...
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    What games are you playing?

    Thanks for telling us about Little Nightmares! I got it for free too. Lately, I play only old games because I mine ethereum (24/7) I only lose 10% hash rate on my 1660 Ti while playing Thief (1999/2000).
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    Discussion PSU for InWin Chopin

    Remove the rear I/O cover shield. The stock cooler will blow air out through the I/O hole. Trust me. A lot less heat will be trapped inside your case.
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    Log H88 Pro

    If the motherboard is installed without the rear I/O cover, then it should be possible to route all cables through the I/O hole, no?? Edit: Or drill a hole in I/O cover??
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    Log H88 Pro

    I like this case very much. Large mesh side-panel for ventilation. No thumb screws that protrude out. I would love to see some ITX/mATX/ATX cases in the same style.
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    CPU Why are all SFFPC cases nowadays mostly watercool / sandwich?

    In my opinion, sunmilo makes the most beautiful cases. If only they were easy to order. My ideal case would have the appearance of a sunmilo case but with metal side panel (for ventilation), no thumb screws because thumb screws protrude out. My ideal dimensions are: 250mmx250mmx150mm...
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    Advice TR-40/XL-ATX Airplane Carry-on Build.

    Some airlines do weigh carry-on bags. Water coolers, big air coolers, and high wattage PSUs are heavy
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    Motherboard Z590 ITX boards

    Z590 ITX Boards too expensive? Say hello to my bigger and cheaper friend: H510m
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    Discussion Move PSU and GPU outside of the case ?

    This guy powered a 1650 super with a sata power to 6 pin adapter.
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    Discussion Move PSU and GPU outside of the case ?

    This is sata power to 6 pin adapter and also this If you get a card with a 6-pin or 8-pin power connector, then it will not pull all power through the x16 slot. For example, a...
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    Discussion Move PSU and GPU outside of the case ?

    The hardware/case/cables for an external gpu can be expensive. Building a SFF PC with everything inside is generally cheaper and might perform better, than an eGPU. If I were you, this is what I would: (1) Use inspectre to disable meltdown/spectre protection to boost fps in games (2) Remove the...
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    Other Noise and heat? A 2021 hardware upgrade

    During gaming, the gpu puts out 1-10 times more heat than the cpu. In other words, buy whatever modern cpu you want (but do not overclock it). I find it odd that you are concerned about heat yet you want to buy a 6800xt or RTX 3080. If you must have a powerful graphics card, then you can use...
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    What games are you playing?

    I am currently playing Fallout 76. Paid $7 a few weeks ago on steam sale. It often goes on sale. Be sure to install Falloutb76 to SSD because the map is huge and loads on the fly.