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    Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    Why not the 4700g?
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    Selling [US] Cases: Skyreach S4 mini w/ Gunique PSU

    The PSU brick is meant to be external. It is 22x14x9cm
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    Selling [US] Cases: Skyreach S4 mini w/ Gunique PSU

    Price drops!
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    Selling [US] Cases: Skyreach S4 mini w/ Gunique PSU

    All prices are shipped. USA Canada. Skyreach S4 mini w/ G-unique 450W PSU $310 shipped. Extra: feet
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    Buying Vega 56 Nano

    go for the 5700 itx on Amazon jp Ships internationally
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    Other What's on Taobao

    Ah you are right. Forgot about the width.
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    Other What's on Taobao

    those 240 A4+ cases can fit MATX if you don't use a 240 eh?
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    Other What's on Taobao

    They put space for 3x120mm fans but didn't care enough to support at least some 360mm rads?
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    Selling Power Sale: Everything must go!

    Pm for 4770k and noctua fans
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    Closed Asrock X99E-ITX/ac

    The ILM is actually fine now. Thermalright makes a bracket that works with a lot of their coolers including a 130mm dual tower one. For low profile you have the Dynatron T318. And Asetek obviously has their bracket for AIOs.
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    Cooling Alphacool Eisblock XPX Pro large-socket 1U waterblock (Flatboy)

    I was looking forward to the TR4 flatboy with integrated pump. Now it's just a cpu block. We already have TR4 CPU blocks!
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    Raised side panel

    I placed my NH-D15 in a Cerberus X today just to see exactly how much additional clearance it needs to use the D15 in a Cerberus. It looks like it would only need less than another 10mm in order to completely clear the D15 and the stock fan of the D15. This led me into thinking maybe I can buy a...
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    Wesena ITX4 v3 - Hackintosh

    Are they the same company?