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    Production Z13 14.6L One-piece molded aluminum housing Powerful compatibility

    I know you have multiple projects in the works but had a couple more questions abut the Z13: 1) Thanks for implementing the slim rad option on the bottom of the case! What will the total clearance be for the radiator+fans below the GPU? 2) What is the estimated delivery time if preordered...
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    CPU Why are all SFFPC cases nowadays mostly watercool / sandwich?

    There are still plenty of options if you want to go air-cooled. The trend is towards sandwich layout because it offers greater space efficiency and modern AIO's are as good or more effective at cooling modern hot components as air coolers (with very few tradeoffs unlike traditional water cooling...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    @Wahaha360 with the 2-rad configuration are you basically limited to the HJ slim rad? What is the max height for the side mounted radiator + fans?
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    DAN C4-SFX

    I've been checking this thread regularly, so it's not just you. Don't feel too bad. I'm sure there are many users excited to see the final version!
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    Production Z13 14.6L One-piece molded aluminum housing Powerful compatibility

    This case looks awesome, I love the clean unbroken look for the outer shell. Couple of questions: Would it be possible to stuff a slim radiator under the GPU for watercooling (a la N-Case M1) and run a double-240 setup? I think this would be a huge boon to people who want to custom watercool in...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Hey y'all. Currently running a 9900k and 2080ti. Thinking about upgrading to a 3080 (you know, when they're available), but I'm worried about the thermal capacity of a single 240 rad - most of the 3000-series builds I've seen on here have had additional radiators. Am I going to run into heat...
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    Discussion Does anyone know which ATX case this is?

    I'm (un-) dating my experience here, but that was a blast from the bast. I built my first PC in a GMC Toast. I guess I always had a thing for space efficiency. TERRIBLE for airflow (not that I helped, thing was a rat's nest). Basically no ventilation on it.
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    FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0

    Fabio, question regarding the bifurcation riser and clearances in 3-slot mode. I'm currently planning to put a 2080ti and 9900k in a custom loop and have been looking towards your build as inspiration. I want to add a second slot for an additional USB 3.1 gen 2 card pcie (just gaming so don't...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    I thought I was all in on the silver but that gunmetal looks so good, I may have to change my mind. Excited to see what a potential white option would be as well!
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    Prototype Introducing the Chimera CX2

    I've been eyeing this case for my Plex server (which is currently sitting in an ancient Corsair case), I just wish we had more updates. Everything about this is right up my alley since I've been looking for something more space efficient that fits the D15 and a full ATX mobo. Fingers crossed for...
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    I was actually able to answer my own question now. New 240 SE is 280mm long - other dimensions are the same as the AIO. 5mm is a big enough difference I'm still unsure. I looked at the first post but I can't find any dimensions for radiator fitment outside of height.
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    It appears that the AIO rad is the same thickness (~28mm) as the EK SE series (presumably a similar design with aluminum parts to save on cost). Does this potentially mean that the new EK SE-series rads will fit ( @fabio obviously has it working for the last-gen version)?
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Clever use of the GPU-side pump to run a monoblock. How are VRM thermals with that setup? Nice build!
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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    Great seeing everyone's build progress. Some great ideas here!
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    FormD-T1(Sidearmd) side panel

    Hey, I managed to find that original post with the specs on the mesh, should have at least some of the info you are looking for: