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    Streacom DA2 Sleeper: Dual Radiator Custom Loop

    Ha, glad someone is on top of things! 😉 I'll get around to properly photographing it in the coming weeks, but for now, I'm glad it's finally buttoned up and usable. Thanks! ☺️ It struck me as such a brilliant approach to case design, I couldn't help but squeeze every last ounce of potential...
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    Prototyping Oki-Doki : a GPU bifurcation and watercooling dedicated case, from 9 to 14L

    Let me know if you have any questions here! There isn’t a lot of info online. Been enjoying mine quite a bit! ✌️
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    Streacom DA2 Sleeper: Dual Radiator Custom Loop

    I may be a little picky, but I find it pretty noticeable above 1300–1600 RPM. At the moment, it's set to a relatively tight hysteresis (1s?) based on CPU package temps, so it spins up and down really rapidly. If it were a more consistent drone, I could probably ignore it. At max RPM (~3000), I...
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    Streacom DA2 Sleeper: Dual Radiator Custom Loop

    Already cross-posted on r/sffpc and in Discord, but figured I'd share here, as well. Thanks to everyone for your help in addressing a number of uncertainties with my first SFF build and first water cooling project. 🤞 Y'all are infinitely patient and helpful. Have a look: Relieved this is...
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    SFF Network Streacom Launches the DA2

    Collecting some photos for a build log—happy to say I finally got by DA2 finished today after about 4 months of fiddling. Here’s a peek at it all buttoned up:
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    New mini ITX case on the market: HUMBLE. An introduction

    Brilliant design—love the personality of all your demo builds! Would you allow mixing of panel colors in an order? I'm imagining a De Stijl theme would look pretty cool. ✌️ Keep us posted on your developments!
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    Off Topic The space inefficiency thread

    Just found this in the results for "ITX" on the local Craigslist… 🤔
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    info About Reservoir/Pump Combo

    The truth is that you don’t really need a reservoir—it’s mostly a convenience for filling, priming, and draining the loop. If you can integrate a couple of T-fittings and drain valves (ideally just before the pump, and another at the highest point in the loop), it should be just as easy to do...
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    info About Reservoir/Pump Combo

    Custom fabrication? No idea, sorry. Sounds expensive. 😉 Ah, interesting! Didn’t catch on from your first post that you were designing an enclosure. There are some other small reservoirs (Swiftech even makes a plexi box that’s fairly low-profile. Someone also makes an external reservoir...
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    info About Reservoir/Pump Combo

    Swiftech is one of the original players in water cooling, I think having started in the early 90s. Everything they make is rock solid—and their support is great, if anything goes wrong. Check out their Discord server if you're keen to see what folx are doing with their stuff. Don't be alarmed by...
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    info About Reservoir/Pump Combo

    Check out the Phanteks Glacier R160? The pump is optional, but mounts into the back of the reservoir. It's also got a clever but limited "passive cooling" block on the back of it. FYI, the top-mounted radiator is from Swiftech, the Drive X3, which is a...
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    Compact membrane keyboard with numpad, possibly stylish

    Oddly enough, not at all. Any time I open my laptop back up, the square keys are what really throw me for a loop! Occasionally, I find it takes a moment longer to get oriented and hit a single key, but never in the middle of typing. One nice thing about the round keys is that every point on its...
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    Compact membrane keyboard with numpad, possibly stylish

    Absolutely love my Logitech K380—the keys are soft and quiet, and it has a good, solid stance on the desk (no slipping, rattling, or fame noise). There’s a larger version, the K780, which includes a 10-key pad:
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    Used GPU

    The guidelines for buying and selling here on the SFF boards (see the Marketplace section) might be worth a read—the most important thing getting started would be to make sure that whatever payment service you use has buyer and seller protections. For example, PayPal covers you in the event you...