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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    It's finally done! Felt good to get that last panel on there. For the final volume measurement, I'm adding 2.5mm (heads of screws) to each side (all faces minus top and bottom). The length is now 246mm with the external corner braces, and I'm adding .239L (V=pi*50^2*30.5) for the external...
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    Advice Questions regarding best cooling configuration as well as PSU recommendations.

    SF600 will be plenty. The two biggest power draws in the system will be cpu and gfx obviously. Plugging your components into a basic psu calculator shows a 433w load. measured peak power draw of 146w for the 5600x and 338w for the 3080. That leaves you plenty of headroom with a...
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    Advice How well would this work in theory?

    More radiator surface area is always better.. thats an easy one. As for fan config, I would go with more exhaust than intake. Dual exhaust on the 240. Can you put an intake fan on the 92? Try out different configs and share the results. That kind of experimenting is always popular on here.
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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    Reassemble! Picked up some longer M3 screws to allow for some spacers (washers) behind the mobo. I put the mobo tray on the back of the bracket this time to give me more room to work with. I put 2 washers on the top screws and 3 washers on the bottom screws. That should level out io panel on...
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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    Extra cables removed. All loose ends are shrinkwrapped. That's looking better. 40mm fan removed from PSU. Custom power switch in its place. Couple coats of self-etching primer Hey, this thing is almost done!
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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    Finally had a few days to work on the project. Had many many pitfalls this round. The aluminum sheeting was a royal pain in the butt to cut with hand tools. All of my tools warped the aluminum really bad, so straight lines and flat surfaces just weren't possible. Still, with 24 magnets in...
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    Log Decided to build my own case

    Very nice! Looks amazing! You've inspired me to learn CAD and try out ponoko. I love the look of those clean laser cuts.
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    GIGABYTE MJ11-EC0 mini-itx launch

    Hmmmmmm mhmmm tiny stuff from Gigabyte
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    Log Decided to build my own case

    Would something like this be possible on your printer? Printing smaller parts that can be assembled later. Only reason i ask is ive wanted to dive into 3d printing for a long time now but not sure how much moolah you need to invest to do bigger projects like...
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    Log Decided to build my own case

    I love those custom panels you printed for the IO and fans. I'm curious, if you had to guess how much does it cost to print one of those fan grille panels? And why aren't you printing all the panels for your case?
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    Log The Miniproject (custom mini-STX)

    I feel the same way about all the mini-itx cases available on the market. Its just.. boring. Case arrives all shiny and new. You got your build order spelled out for you. Minimal brain power required. Ugh..boring. Glad you found a project that appealed to you. Ever since the a300 Ive seen a lot...
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    Project Retron: The Road to American Manufacturing

    He's not. I have a friend that thinks this way too. The world is full of people that think this way. I wish we lived in a society dictated by common sense, but we simply don't. But the OP probably doesn't want this controversial hubbub all over his post so I suggest we agree to disagree.
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    Upcycle: GTX 1080 cooled Thin ITX APU

    This is awesome :)
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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    I don't think anybody cares, but I'm still having a blast so I'm gonna keep this log going! Shaved the RAM heatsinks down. CPU heatsink will be flush with the sidewall with the fan mounted on the outside. Those RAM sticks won't interfere now. Cutting out some side pieces by hand...
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    Advice Limited PSU Headroom,4.html Sorry, i should have cited my sources heh!