DeepCool Releases Compact Top Down ARGB Coolers

Coming in at 71mm in height and 136mm in width, DeepCool is launching a new ARGB top-down cooler. The cooler includes a 136mm x 27mm fan that spins to between 500 and 1800 RPM. Addressable RGB LEDs encircle the fan. The cooler itself is a very basic hockey puck style design with no heatpipes or vapor chamber. As such, it will likely be unsuitable for more than a mid-range CPU. The Intel model is the UL551, and the AMD model is the UD551. Street prices weren’t available at the time of writing. You can follow this link to check out …

iBUYPOWER Enters SFF Case Market With Hyte Revolt 3 Case

iBUYPOWER,  a company more known for prebuilt gaming PCs, has decided to sell their HYTE Revolt 3 ITX case separately. Coming in both white and black, and supporting features like a handle and headphone holder, the case is made of painted steel. It supports GPUs up to 3 slots and 323mm long, and AIOs up to 280mm. The last spec is important as this is meant to be an AIO only system. Tom’s Hardware gave the case a favorable review complimenting its design and cooling performance, but critiquing the basic materials it’s made of. Here is a link to the …

Retro Relook: Phil’s Computer Lab Tackles Thin Client Retro PC Gaming!

I admit, I’m a sucker for retro PC gaming. I have 11 retro machines, but I pale in comparison to Phil who’s lab is just bristling with glorious retro awesomeness. BEHOLD THE 1980S and 1990S! Dawn your Hypercolor shirt. Dance in those Hammer Pants. Squeeze that Squeeze It! Settle in for the Disney Afternoon! For this Retro Relook we see Phil transforming old Thin Client machines into retro awesomeness. Modifications include sound cards, processor adjustments, and even adding Voodoo graphics. Now I’m tempted to add a twelfth system… First up is a Thin  Client that had a surprise expansion slot! …

Tom’s Hardware Reviews Cooler Master G200P SFF CPU Cooler

Tom’s Hardware has taken a detailed look at the Cooler master G200P SFF CPU cooler. Coming in at only 39.4mm in height, and sporting a 92mm RGB fan, the cooler takes aim at the ultra low profile market. While Tom’s Hardware was impressed by the coolers design, they were disappointed with the noise and cooling potential. The cooler has a street price of $45 on Amazon. Check out their full review by following this link.

TLDR News – August 31, 2021

Life is short and you don’t have time to read the whole article. So here is the TLDR of various stories I’ve compiled throughou……JUST GO ALREADY! The tech heist of the century has occurred. Last year ARM’s board voted out their Chinese division’s CEO Allen Yu. Yu refused to leave, and hired his own private security to throw out anyone disloyal to him. Now, a year later, Yu has declared that the old division of ARM in China is now called ARM Limited, and will develop their own IP. However, they still have ALL of the IP ARM had developed, …

Asus Posts Windows 11 Motherboard Compatibility Website

  Asus has posted a website listing Windows 11 compatibility of their motherboards. The list stretches all the way back to the Intel 100 series of the Skylake era, which launched in August of 2016. While the true compatibility level starts at the Intel 300 series and newer boards, Asus does state that older boards are compatible with current testing but “upgrability is subject to the support from operation system or 3rd party drivers availability”.   Check out the compatibility page by clicking this link.

Review Roundup: MSI Spatium M480 and M470 NVME M.2 Gen4 SSD

Reviews have dropped for the PCIe Gen4 MSI Spatium M480 and M470 M.2 SSDs, and reviewers have given it their endorsement. The drives features Phison E18 and E16 controllers respectively, and are rated for speeds of 7,000MB/s for the M480, and 5,000MB/s for the M470. Both drives use TLC memory, and the M480 comes with a bronze heatsink that immediately made me want to do a Steam Punk based build. Heat was a concern for the 470 where some minor throttling was observed, but performance was still very good with most reviews putting the performance on par or above the …

TLDR NEWS: When You Don’t Have Time to Read It…

Welcome to TLDR News. Here I’m going to pick a few stories from around the computing world that might impact my fellow SFF users, and just write the TLDR for them. The original story link is next to the TLDR blerb… Fractal Designs has ordered a recall for their new Torrent PC Case due to faulty fan controllers. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware   Microsoft is adding a few 7th gen X-Series and Xeon W-Series CPUs to Windows 11 compatibility. Zen 1 is still out of luck. They also released new software to check for compatibility.  Story Link – Tom’s …