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Press Release – ITXGamer Joins the LOSIAS family

(29 September 2012) LOSIAS Technologies is pleased to announce the acquisition of ITXGamer.com, and welcome ITXGamer users and visitors to the family. ITXGamer is a world leader in gaming related SFF discussions, focusing on the hardware aspect of the amazingly compact systems. “Acquiring ITXGamer will cement our position as the world’s leader in SFF reviews, news and community offerings. LOSIAS’s position in the SFF world will help broaden the horizons of ITXGamer users, as well as assist them in the community” says John Morrison, LOSIAS head editor. With both organisations dedicated to the world of Small Form Factor Computing, the acquisition forms the beginning of a cycle of changes for the LOSIAS Technologies group. Business will continue as usual for both websites, with Steve staying on at ITXGamer. John Morrison (confusis) has been assigned to ITXGamer as assistant administrator to ease the transition. Some visual changes may occur to bring the site inline with the LOSIAS style, but the friendly usability of the current look will not be compromised.

About ITXGamer: ITXGamer was created for those gamers out there who prefer small and compact systems with plenty of gaming power. The mission of ITXGamer is to showcase the possibilities of creating powerful gaming systems based on the mini-ITX form factor. Recent developments in the design of mini-ITX motherboards has provided the gaming world with a viable new format for computer gaming. If you’re the type of gamer that values small and powerful systems, ITXGamer will keep you up to date on new products that will enable you to build more powerful M-ITX gaming systems. We’ll also cover related news and events that provide useful benefits to the ITX gamer.

About LOSIAS/SFFReview: Beginning with Shuttle mods, Craig Brugger (craigbru) began an epic scratch build based on a SFF M-ATX chassis. Putting Lots Of Stuff In A System was the goal, and he more than achieved it. Coming from this build, he decided to set up a haven for SFF enthusiasts to communicate, mod, and just have a good time. We offer a home for SFF enthusiasts. Efficient systems, LAN rigs, small servers, and much more. Within our new site we have the usual forums, news posts and articles on the front page, and a feature not many websites have these days – a live community chatroom! We’re all for the community, by the community. We’re here to help, watch you grow as an enthusiast, and grow ourselves too!