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PCS4VETS – Alfred Shuryan’s Purple Heart “Merit” Build

Alfred A Shuryan, although being a newer member of our community, has been hard at work (an understatement!) getting the parts together and beginning the work on the Purple Heart “Merit” casemod. Raising awareness of a cause so close to the hearts of many is an admirable task. Many LOSIAS members are vets themselves, and/or have family members or close friends who have served.

Please support Alfred in his work – comment on his build, the cause. Even if you cannot donate, it is the attention and awareness that is the driving factor behind this build, so share the forum link, Alfred’s blog links, among your friends, colleagues and family. We wish Alfred all the best in this build, and the PCS4VETS cause!

PCS4VETS: http://www.pcs4veterans.org/