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ITX Overclocking Contest: H55N-USB3

If you had any doubts that a mini-ITX system can’t run with the bigger boys, the you need to head over to the HWBOT website and check out the results of the Gigabyte mini-ITX H55N-USB on HWBOT contest. Enthusiasts participated in the contest by overclocking their mini-ITX rigs and shooting for the fastest Super PI 32m times.

First Place went to a Gigabyte H55N-USB3 with an i5 670 overclocked to an incredible 6400.9 MHz. Using 4 GB of GSkill PerfectStorm RAM, it cranked out Pi to 32 million digits in just 6 minutes 18 seconds and 469 milliseconds. Of course, that cooling system is probably not going to fit into your mini-ITX case, but does go to show just how far a mini-ITX system can be pushed.

Check out all the submissions and the full results over at HWBOT!