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HuntKey’s Jumper 300/ R90 PSU Reviewed by AnandTech

Any of you that are looking for a PSU for your next mini-ITX build should check out the review of HuntKey’s Jumper 300 power supply on AnandTech. It’s also a good read for anyone who is still unconvinced that they can run a decent gaming system on a small (albiet high-quality) power supply.

The Jumper 300 (or R90 as it’s known overseas) carries an 80Plus Gold certification, confirmed by AnandTech testing and according to the manufacturer, has enough juice to handle a GTX 460. Assuming your running a CPU with modest power use, the Jumper 300 could even handle a 560 Ti, especially in a mini-ITX build with limited components. If your a Radeon user, consider your limit to be around a 6950. Plenty of gaming power for a 300w power supply.

For all of the details, be sure to hit the link to AnandTech and read the full review.

Source: AnandTech