In this day and age, with the many, many types of media available for consumption, we have been producing content in two forms – written articles and audio only podcasts. Admittedly, the podcast side of things has been difficult to keep up with, with various factors negatively affecting the regularity with which we post episodes.

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Today I’m introducing; 2.0 – A New Beginning!

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In all seriousness, we’re making some changes to the podcast format, and I’m excited to update you on these. Firstly though, some things will stay the same, namely;

  • Joshua, James and I will still be hosting the podcast
  • We will still be talking about Small Form Factor and tech in general
  • Subscribers will still have exclusive access to the aftershow on our Discord channel
  • The podcast will still be available in an audio format

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But, I did say that there were some changes!

  • The podcast will now be streamed live to the public on our YouTube channel. This is a new addition and a massive change from the old format, which was recorded with subscribers listening in, then edited and posted a *ahem* few days later.
  • There will now be a pre-show for subscribers to join, to complement the after-show that we currently run.
  • Subscribers will now influence our content – suggestions will be taken from our subscribers as to discussion topics.
  • The Fortnightly Favourite Forum Fread is being rebranded to, well, the Fortnightly Favourite Forum Fread. The old title, adding a new world each time, was becoming unwieldy.
  • The move to video enables us to visually represent the content we are discussing

So, join us live on Saturday for the first video podcast, at

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podcast1 podcast2

Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.