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CES 2019: Digital Storm

First visit of the day, and what a product! Digital Storm had on display their Micro-STX based Project Spark – now slated for release in Q1 this year! Now featuring a i7-9900K processor and MXM 2080 GPU, it’s a mini powerhouse. Note: the final revision will include a monoblock covering both CPU and GPU – eschewing the notoriously loud MXM cooler. Also of note, the power brick...


Digital Storm’s Spark – A Closer Look

Earlier this week, the first enthusiast grade Micro-STX prebuilt system was revealed, with a couple of teaser images and not much else to go off to sate our SFF appetites. With our team at CES 2018, we decided we needed a closer look! It must be noted, that this is the initial prototype, produced in acrylic. A metal version is in the works, with minor redesigning taking place, but the overall...


Digital Storm Unveils Project Spark – a Micro-STX, Watercooled, Prebuilt

Press Release: When marked as such, the content is published verbatim, and thus does not necessarily reflect the views of SmallFormFactor Network or Minutiae Media. Digital Storm is proud to announce Project SPARK, our smallest enthusiast-class PC to date. With a custom hardline liquid cooling system, SPARK effortlessly delivers an unparalleled level of performance featuring up to NVIDIA GTX 1080...