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Forum Feature: SENTRY 2.0

In a semi-regular series, we will have a short look at various projects and one-off builds in the forum. This is not a paid promotion in any way, just a selection of cool stuff we like! Hot on the heels of the first generation Sentry, the Dr Zaber team has taken it upon themselves to update the concept. Taking feedback into account from the first production run, as well as crowdsourcing more, the...

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Streacom’s DA2 – Versatility

It’s no secret that the majority of go-to cases found within our community are from the Indie scene, designed by fans and enthusiasts. Whilst Streacom may not be officially part of this Indie grouping, they are indeed a small bunch of enthusiasts determined to do something different in amongst the mainstream “SFF” offerings. Mentioning SFF by name in their mission statement, it...


Lazer3D Launches the HT5 – and a Giveaway!

We looked at Lazer3D’s HT5 case a short while ago, and it came away with a fantastic rating. The case is now available for purchase at Overclockers UK and via Lazer3D.com! For more info on the launch, click here. With the launch, let’s give one away! The review sample unit that Lazer3D sent to SFF Network is up for grabs – including the one-off laser etched faceplate. To enter...

Cases Reviews

Lazer3D’s CG7 Cravo – Flexibility

Initially known as Project Gregory in the SFF Network forums, the CG7 is touted as a flexible, customisable, SFF chassis with so many options to choose from it boggles the mind. Instead of offering a single setup, options, be it at time of purchase, or via included components, mean that your CG7 will be different from any other. Two configurations are available – Mini-ITX with a TFX power...

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Lazer3D’s HT5 – HTPC with Lasers.. Sorta

Indie cases, the major driver of our community forum and niche, come in many shapes and sizes (preferably small). Lazer3D recently approached me to try a couple of their products that are in final development – the HT5 and the CG7. Whilst the CG7 is due to launch in November, the HT5 has a September launch. Guess which one we’ll look at first? Aiming squarely at the premium HTPC...


Spotted: Z-CASES at Computex 2018

Just a quick post – we spotted, with the help of Z-CASES’ own Kevin, a pre-production version of the Z-CASE P50 – as seen here in the forum. I’m still recovering from my flight home (and returning to my day job today), so here’s a quick overview. See you in the forum!


Exclusive First Access: Chimera’s Mach One Case

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products. Recently, there has been a teaser thread posted in the forum by PlayfulPhoenix (Joshua) regarding a new Chimera product, which would be the first new addition to the Chimera Industries...


Streacom Launches the DA2

Press Release: When a new post is marked a such, the content is copied verbatim from the company’s release, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Form Factor Network or Minutiae LLC.   We are pleased to announce the DA2 ……. in short Its a compact ITX case designed to strike a balance between size and compatibility, allowing high performance components to fit comfortably in a...

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Silverstone CS280 Reviewed – DIY NAS Made Easier

  We would like to thank SilverStone for providing us with review sample of their CS280 8-Bay 2.5″ NAS chassis. Without their generosity, this case review would not be possible. At CES 2018, Silverstone had a large number of 40 liter+ cases on display (which we chose not to cover). Unfortunately for us, the ITX market was largely ignored at their suite. Save for a certain power-supply...