SPCR reviews the ASUS Maximus VIII Impact

The silence savants over at SPCR have reviewed the ASUS Maximus VIII Impact motherboard:

The Asus Maximus VIII Impact is the most capable and feature-packed mini-ITX motherboard I’ve ever seen. Aside from the usual features provided courtesy of the Z170 chipset, the Impact is outfitted with a high-end audio solution, a proficient wireless module/antenna, a premium power regulation system, a U.2 port, up to five independently controllable fan headers via the included fan card, and an external temperature sensor that can be placed anywhere in the case. They’ve even crammed in physical power, reset, clear CMOS, and BIOS Flashback buttons, a diagnostic readout, and voltage measurement points, things one might expect to be omitted on a board of this size. It’s astonishing how much they’ve jammed in from larger ROG models into this mini-ITX version.

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