SilverStone releases the TD02-Slim and TD03-Slim

SilverStone is launching two SFF-oriented water cooling solutions, the TD02-Slim (240mm) and the TD03-Slim (120mm). By combining slim 22mm thick radiators with 120mm x 15mm fans, they are able to deliver a liquid cooling system that’s only 37mm thick for rad+fan. Presumably with the decreased radiator surface area and slim fans the performance won’t be quite as good as normal CLC’s, but the slim profile could make it feasible to fit water cooling in cases that weren’t suited to it before. I’m thinking this is aimed at slim cases like the ML07.

The block appears to be identical to the TD02-Lite and TD03-Lite. The new fans are interesting because while they look identical to the SilverStone FN123, these are PWM. However, they aren’t black framed versions of the FW121 either, the max RPM is 2200 RPM on these new fans compared to 2000 RPM on the FW121. I find stuff like that neat, I guess in their testing the FW121 didn’t perform quite well enough so they bumped the max speed up a bit?

SilverStone TD02-Slim
SilverStone TD02-Slim

Tubing is 12mm diameter rubber. Hopefully it’s soft and flexible because in the kind of cases these coolers are suited for, it will probably require the tubing to be twisted around to make everything fit.

MSRP is $96 for the TD02-Slim and $73 for the TD03-Slim and they should be available September 22 (I assume in the USA, the press release doesn’t specify which markets).

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