SilverStone at CES 2017: Cases

Hot of the presses from our staff member Drew, who is at CES 2017 right now, we have a few new unreleased cases to show you from SilverStone.


The VT01 on the left we already saw not long after the mini-STX platform revealing, but the one on the right is a new beast, named the VT02.


  • Motherboard support: Mini-STX
  • Material: 0.8mm SECC
  • Drive bays: 2x 2,5″
  • Dimensions: 165mm (W), 73mm (H), 157mm (D) = 1.9 liters

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So in return for 10mm of extra width, 8mm extra height and 5mm less depth, you get room for an additional storage device, possibly  8mm of extra CPU cooler height, along with a new design.

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Next up is an early prototype of the SG14, a Mini-ITX case in Silverstone’s almost legendary Sugo lineup.


  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • Material: Acrylic panels, steel body
  • Drive bays: 1x 3.5″, 2x 2.5″
  • Dimensions: 201mm (W), 387mm (H), 260mm (D) = 20 liters

Reminiscent of the FT03-Mini from the same brand, comes the SG14 more in line with the rising demand for cases that allow a look inside. It features a steel frame and acrylic outer paneling in a vertically oriented case design.

As you can see, there is enough room for a beefy 10.5″ graphics card, an SFX or SFX-L power supply and of course, a mini-ITX board. SATA storage is possible for a single 3.5″ drive and two 2.5″ drives and the case’s airflow is designed around a single 140mm fan at the bottom acting as a wind tunnel. In one of the photos you can also see a RGB 140mm fan finger guard in the design of Silverstone’s logo.

On top is a large grill which, according to the bottom fan’s orientation, acts as an intake or exhaust. The I/O is also located here which is expected to get an update to the latest USB 3.1 ports before launch and can be replaced if needed.

With the top removed we can see what we would usually call the “rear” of a PC. All the cables exit through an opening in the top-rear of the case. With a short male-female HDMI cable, one could easily add a HDMI connection for a VR headset.

The case is expected to retail in a version with LED lighting and one without. They are targeting the non-LED version for about $100 retail price in 2018.

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The third case we get to show you is the refreshed model of the RVZ01-E, the RVZ03.


  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • Material: Acrylic panels, steel body
  • Drive bays: 4x 2.5″
  • Cooling: 2x 120mm fans included, 1 extra 120mm fan slot available
  • Dimensions: 382mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 350mm (D) = 14 liters

While the dimensions and general specifications remain the same, the redesigned front seems interesting. I’m suspecting those thin lines are diffusers for LED lighting.

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SX800-LTI compatibility

As James mentioned in the SX800-LTI review, several of SilverStone’s current cases are not compatible with it due to the orientation and position of the AC inlet. This was an oversight on SilverStone’s part and they are working hard to address it with revisions across their case lineup, with the current estimate being all the cases will be fixed by the middle of next year.

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Many thanks to Tony Ou from SilverStone in accommodating our man on the field, Drew!

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