Enermax reveals the Steelwing mATX case

Tom’s Hardware has some details of the Enermax Steelwing microATX case they teased last month. It’s an aluminum microATX case with a glass side panel and support for 260mm long video cards. MSRP is $140 and will hopefully be available in July.

The picture is low resolution and has a reflection but from what I can tell this is only a 3-slot case. So running two graphics cards will require water cooling and will be limited to cards that either come with the IO in a single-slot configuration or will require modding to remove the DVI connector that would be in the way on so many modern cards. It’s hard to tell from the picture but there may be room though to cut a fourth slot into the case to allow normal double-slot cards. If there is room though, I can’t comprehend why they wouldn’t include it already on what’s ostensibly a microATX case.

There is a drive cage that mounts to the floor of the case and has room for a single 3.5″ drive and one or two 2.5″ drives.

My guess for cooling is that behind the slats on the front are 2 x 120mm fan mounts for possibly mounting a 240mm radiator. There is what appears to be a vent on the top, and it may also serve as a 120mm fan mount.

The power supply appears to be mounted over the motherboard and looks to be of the SFX variety. If so, that’s an interesting choice since Enermax hasn’t announced a SFX power supply that would be a suitable companion to this case even though they have quite a few ATX PSU models.

Rough overall dimensions look to be 300mm x 165mm x 400mm (HxWxD) for a volume of 19.8L.

Edit: Thanks to eagle-eyed forum member IntoxicatedPuma, I now know this is actually a rebrand of the Segotep Desert Eagle 3.

Dimensions from the Segotep website are 295mm x 165mm x 335mm for 16.3L.

Segotep Desert Eagle 3

So the top and front are partially vented, but the only fan mount is an internal bracket for a single 120mm fan near the bottom-front. A rad can also mount to the bracket as part of an AIO or a custom loop but otherwise the cooling options for this case are pretty limited.

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