BIOSTAR Again Teases X370GTN and B350GTN Motherboards

By guest contributor Nolan Haynes, “Soul_Est”

BIOSTAR X370GTN and box

Nearly a month and half after unveiling the X370GTN, BIOSTAR has now teased the release of not only the X370GTN, but the B350GTN as well via an update to their Facebook page in the form of a cover photo post. This did not go unnoticed by user cadiguno who shared with us a screenshot of the post.

Screenshot of BIOSTAR Facebook post


BIOSTAR X370GTN and box

This board’s specifications have not changed much from when last we covered. What has been confirmed have been the memory support, support for 5050 LED strips, and some included software. The memory support has been expanded to include unbuffered ECC memory support and memory speeds up to DDR4-3200(overclocked). BIOSTAR also saw fit to include two headers on the X370GTN for powering and controlling 5050 LED strips. The controller for the Gigabit LAN port is confirmed to be a Realtek RTL8118AS.
BIOSTAR X370GTN bottom view


BIOSTAR B350GTN and box

This board’s specifications do not differ at all from the X370GTN’s(at the time of this writing) except for the chipset. A look at the datasheets for and pictures of both motherboards also confirm this.

BIOSTAR B350GTN top view
BIOSTAR B350GTN bottom view

Let us know what you think of the BIOSTAR X370GTN and B350GTN in the forum.