Selling [USA-MN] white edition salvo s401 (with white sf600) & Ncase 6.0 black

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Time stamps:
Salvo studios s401 SOLD
  • 1 of 5 custom white powder coated editions of the s401 with matching psu
  • custom white powder coated sf600 80+ Platinum.
  • details can be found here:
  • white custom cables (from DreambigbyRayMOD on Etsy)
  • Custom white magnetic dust filters (diy)
  • White Handle
  • red laser cut side panels (with salvo logo on back side)
  • black spacer set (seen here in my build, allows for +6mm of cpu cooler clearance: )
  • will not sell psu separately
  • 340 USD shipped (CONUS) OBO

black ncase m1 v6.0 SOLD

  • got as a trade a year ago, planned to build in it, but never did, include what is pictures, which I believe is everything,
  • c14 silverstone usbc -> USB 3.0 internal header (19pin)
  • 190 shipped (CONUS)
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Jan 14, 2018
Let me know if you would sell the White Power Supply separately.
I really don't want to split up the set, or ship 2times, but I may. Although, the custom cables won't work unless you have a console style case, and I don't know if I have the original cables.