Unable to add images to posts


Caliper Novice
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Dec 17, 2019
I tried recently to add image to my posts but was unable. It says a problem occurred and to contact an administrator. Is this related to the site issues? or do I just not have that ability.

What I tried was dragging the image directly onto the post.
I also tried to save the images to my OneDrive, then add them using the 'insert image' button and adding a link. But it doesn't work.
Then I thought maybe it was a file size issue and I reduced the images to around 200 kb but no luck.


Shrink Ray Wielder
Jan 25, 2018

The above is a link from imgur.

This forum has never allowed a pic to be uploaded directly into a post (eg by dragging it onto a post).


John Morrison. Founder and Team Leader of SFF.N
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Jun 19, 2015
Silver Subscribers and above can host images in posts
Onedrive is a poor image host, at best. At worst, it mostly doesn't work
As @tinyitx shows, imgur works fine
I've moved this to feedback as it's the correct subforum for such things :)