No one can be told what the news is, they must be shown...

  • The Matrix Resurrections trailer is out. It features John Wick...err...Thomas Anderson (aka Neo) rediscovering himself. The Matrix also has clearly gotten an HDR Patch. This isn't computer related but come on, it's The Matrix. Trailer Link - Warner Bros.

  • The PS5 got a new smaller heatsink. After some initial worries it would cause hotter temps, Igor's Lab has confirmed it doesn't. The APU runs cooler, while the the VRM and memory run a little hotter. Games still play the same. Story Link - Igor's Lab

  • AMD launches the "Raise the Game" bundle for Ryzen and Radeon systems. If you buy a qualifying system that has both a Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU you get codes for Far Cry 6, Resident Evil Village, and a 3-month trial of Xbox Games Pass. Story Link - Tom's Hardware

  • Microsoft's Steve Dispensa is cliaming that Windows 11 has numerous optimizations under the hood to improve performance. He claims that Windows 11 can reduce system memory usage by 32% and CPU utilization by 37% for inactive browser tabs, new disk compression techniques, and a boost to return from sleep mode. Story Link - Tom's Hardware

  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is getting an official remake by Aspyr Media for the PS5. Story Link - WCCF Tech

  • A class action lawsuit may be in the works against apple for cracking M1 based laptop screens. I am predicting that Apple will defend itself by saying "You are just closing it wrong.". Story Link -WCCF Tech

  • Sabrent is prepping a PS5 compatible heatsink for their NVME SSDs. Should be Q4 2021. Story Link - Vortez

  • Gigabyte launches external GPU box with 3080 LHR. $1529 is the suggest retail price. Story Link - Guru3D