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Jul 28, 2021
Interestingly, I just collected mine last evening. Feels well built, although it feels a little light, but that is to be expected for a 67mm tall LP cooler.

Comes with fan brackets to mount a 25mm thick fan as well, which will bring up the height to 77mm, but will offer higher cooling potential.

It also comes with Thermalright's LGA 1700 mounting solution, which is now color coded with blue plastic standoffs for Intel and red plastic standoffs for AM4.


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May 21, 2018
Now we need to see this vs the NHl12s.

It looks promising. Thermalright has been pumping out coolers at every size/height and joining the party.


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Jan 25, 2018
I expect it to beat NH-L12S marginally as the two extra heatpipes cannot contribute much to the cooling as the limiting factor should be the surface area of the cooling fins. And that extra 3mm lower might become important too.
Anyway, its bluish grey colour is going to be preferred over the Noctua's by many people.

Here in, with more info and better pics


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Jun 29, 2015
I'm glad to see that it fits an Asus Z690-I, without the m.2 heatsink though, since it is probably the motherboard with the worse CPU heatsink compatibility (mostly due to IO shroud, stacked mezzanine board and VRM heatsink).

Below images are from Thermalright product page:

The Asus Z690 mezzanine stack is stupidly tall and is even taller than the IO shroud .... 😨

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