News Silverstone "Computex 2020" (SG14, SG15, ML10, 500W Flex PSU, 700W TFX PSU)


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May 21, 2018
An all black, readily available 500 watt Flex ATX PSU looks great.

I just wish FSP would launch their 500 watt version of their "modular" Flexguru. I have no need for SATA or MOLEX.... I just want a 24 pin, 8 pin EPS, and 2 6/8 pin PCIE with the rest optional/removable.


Master of Cramming
May 21, 2018
I'm well aware of the flexguru... they promised a 500 watt variant at computex 2019 and have it published on their website, but it has yet to hit the market. I have searched extensively.

It's the perfect size and easy to create custom cables for, like these.


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May 11, 2018
tfx being alive makes me happy :) almost flex size but you get a nice fan(or at the very least better options to replace to), best thing you can get before hdplex and meanwell imo . wonder if it has passive/semi passive fan control (though the video was too crap to be able to tell). SG14 and SG15 look great, though again thats all i could get from the video :D cant wait til this stuff gets product pages


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Jul 3, 2020
I agree... TFX is such a cool form factor that could lead to some interesting case designs... Like a slightly larger Velka 3 with better parts compatibility, Yet still way less bulky than those "large" sandwich cases that have an SFX PSU in the bottom... There's a pretty decent and affordable BeQuiet! TFX PSU that runs circles around any Flex ATX PSU, but unfortunately it seems like case manufacturers completely ignore it.


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May 9, 2015
@Analogue Blacksheep I fixed your link, it had a variable at the end that didn't work apparently.

It's interesting to see what they did to improve the SUGO series, which I used to rock about 10 years ago. Though in my opinion they missed the chance to have a vertical orientation option, but that seems something a 3D printer might be able to fix.
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Sep 3, 2015
I actually kinda like that there's a 5.25" drive bay option, in some instances, physical media isn't entirely dead, and aside from that there's plenty of other useful bay devices I kinda miss with these small cases.
On the other hand, the ATX power supply support kinda baffles me. SFX is no longer the niche product where quality and output are low and price is high, and a case like this isn't going to have the insane setups that require a 1200 watt PSU.
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Apr 21, 2019
The page for their new Flex PSU FX-500G is up.



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Aug 21, 2020
Looks good - probably what I'll end up using for my K39 build (which is also my first build). Black, has an on/off switch, decent cables and gonna be available in NZ around october... My only concern is the fan. The page says "quiet" and "silent" but it also says 20dBa minimum, so not sure what to go with. Someone else I showed the link said it looks like the same fan as what's in the fx350g... Thoughts?