Log SFF Server - S4 Mini vs. AMD EPYC


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Oct 1, 2018
Hello SFF Friends,

nearly one year of planning now coming together. Since AsRock released the deep ITX EPYC mainboard my mind began to wander over possible projects...
Perfect that i am in need of a new server 😜...
Later usecase will be Mediaserver for Lightroom photos an videos, workstation backups, firewall vm, web hosting, Offsite-Backup from an other server,...
So i started buying und collecting the parts for my next Unraid-server:

- AsRock Romed4id-2t
- AMD EPYC 7232P (8C/16T) for testing - later 7313 (16C/32T) or 7413 24 Core
- Samsung 32 GB (2x16) 3200 CL22 ECC - later 64GB
- Delock 16x PCIe to 4 x m.2 NVMe Bifurcation Card
- Delock m.2 to PCIe 4x Adapter
- Intel dual gigabit NIC x4
- Supermicro Slimline to 8 x Sata
- 2 x 1TB NVME, 2 x 2TB NVME
- 2 x 2TB SATA SSD
- 3 X 5TB HDD
- HDPlex 250W PSU

AND ALL OF IT in a Skyreach S4 Mini Case.

Will it fit? - We will find out!