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RGB LED reaction

  1. GuilleAcoustic

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  2. MarcParis

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    RGB and TG are evil...:):)
  3. atomicus

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    Always been a bit baffled by RGB hate... the rainbow monstrosities out there sure, horrendous, but the tech allows you to colour match with any other component/colours in your build, allowing for very tasetful and stylish results if done correctly.
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  4. tinyitx

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    I am not sure if current RGB tech, in general, would allow the user an infinite or good enough control/adjustment to achieve a perfect match. Even if so, perhaps the key phrase ''...if done correctly'' indicates many users just do a sloppy job, either due to lack of skill or patience. Anyway, have you come across a job done correctly (and link please)?

    Anyway, I would embrace RGB if it serves a function other than just giving aesthetic. For example, it would be nice if the colour changes to reflect a change of a component's frequency, speed or temperatures. (I think Asus (?) does have a function to link it with temperature but somehow it was so buggy that I gave up long time ago)
  5. GuilleAcoustic

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    I started to work on such a feature a few years ago, using a daemon written in C to monitor sensors information and send the informations to an Arduino to display them on an LCD, change LED colors according to the temperature or manage PWM fans speed.

    I was able to retrieve data from AIDA64 shared memory but never went further due to health problem that put me off for quit a long time.

    That's something I'd like to retry if I can find some time for that.
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  6. atomicus

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    It offers something that CAN be utilised to impressive effect though. Of course, the phrase "if done correctly" certainly indicates people can do a sloppy job, but what doesn't that apply to when it comes to PC building? There is a wide range of aesthetic components that cover pretty much every facet of a build, many of which offer zero functionality, so it hardly seems fair to single out RGB for this. Besides, the temperature functionality you speak of with RGB already exists... Asus Aura does, as does Mystic Light, and I think Thermaltake and Corsair have it on their fans via software. There are probably more, as this is a pretty straightforward thing.
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  7. el01

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    Matte black is my aesthetic.