SFF.Network Noctua Presents New Products! Three AM4 Edition Coolers


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Noctua presents three special-edition AM4 CPU coolers for AMD Ryzen
Vienna, February 1st 2017 – Noctua today presented three special-edition models of its award-winning quiet CPU coolers. The new SE-AM4 versions of the NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9x65 are dedicated premium-quality solutions for the new AM4 socket of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen architecture. Whereas the NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 is tailored for compact systems and the NH-U12S SE-AM4 offers an excellent balance of performance and compatibility, the NH-D15 SE-AM4 provides maximum cooling performance for overclockers and silent enthusiasts.

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King of Cable Management
Oct 13, 2016
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Cable-Tie Ninja
Jan 30, 2017
Making the L9 a 65mm cooler is a big jump from the 37mm it was originally on Intel CPUs...I hope they make an AM4 low profile cooler that is smaller than that eventually

Sean Crees

Airflow Optimizer
Jan 1, 2017
AM4 mounting holes are really close to AM3, here are pictures of the difference between mounting plates for an EKWB. You can see how similar they are.

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